Dogs shed their fur and grow new coats as a natural response to climate and temperature changes. Especially during the spring and summer, you’ll start to notice large amounts of fur floating through the house and building up on the furniture. While the act of shedding is great for a pup to stay cool during the heat, it is not so nice for your shirts, pillows, and couch cushions. Clean-freak or not, the amount of fur can be unsightly and even worse for those who struggle with allergies! Dog and cat parents alike, we seem to be in a constant state of battle with the excess fur. Aside from the go-to lint roller, we can win this battle with other tested and proven pet hair removers.

     Seasoned pet parents have their secrets to pet hair removal down packed. But what if your experiencing dog shedding for the first time? Or what if you just got a new breed of dog? After-all, all dog breeds tend to shed in different ways and different amounts. The tiny, spear-like hairs of a Chihuahua (and yes they do shed) are much different than the long, wispy strands from an Australian Shepherd mix. If you are struggling to find a method of pet hair removal that works for your furbabies, you are in the right place. After scavenging the world of pet hair removers, these are the best products and methods to keep you and your home clean.

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A Quick Look at the Best Pet Hair Removers

Why Do Dogs Shed?

     Dogs, and other domestic pets with fur, shed because it allows them to get rid of old or damaged fur. However, they most notably shed as a natural, biological response to both environmental and temperature changes. For example, your pup will naturally shed their thicker, winter coat as warmer weather arrives. This helps to prevent them from the dangers of overheating. The amount of shedding that occurs will entirely depend on your furbaby’s unique breed, size, and overall health.

     In terms of health, excessive shedding can be a key sign to underlying health issues. These may include hormonal imbalance, stress, poor nutrition, or medical conditions. Keep in mind that it is completely natural for a dog to go through annual cycles of increased fur shedding. However, if you are starting to notice excessive shedding that seems out-of-the-norm for your dog, your first course of action is to see the local vet. There, you can receive a consultation, expert analysis, and treatment if needed.

When Do Dogs Shed?

     Unless you have a hairless dog, there will always be some level of shedding no matter what time of year it is. Old and damaged fur will naturally fall off as your dog grooms and scratches. Nonetheless, there are two specific seasons during the year that shedding will be at its peak: the spring and the fall.

     Spring marks the beginning of warm weather, which means your dog is going to naturally get rid of that thicker, winter coat; leaving a lighter, cooler coat of fur. By far, this is the time of year that your home will be covered in fur. It will get on your clothes, bedding, and furniture in a flash. Especially if you have allergies, it is quite a hassle. Fall, on the other hand, acts in reverse. The lighter, summer coat is shed to make room for thick fur in preparation for the colder months.

     Let’s be honest though, shedding is never going to deter us from having a loving dog in our lives. Plus, there are some fantastic fur-removing cleaning and grooming products that are easy to slip into the daily routine. They help to minimize shedding and remove pet hair that clings around the home.

The Best Pet Hair Removers

     The good old fashion lint roller has long been a favorite method of pet hair removal for many owners. If you own a pet that sheds, like a dog or cat, they are absolutely a staple to have around the home or car. Lint rollers work on clothing, couches, bedding, and car seats; but they always run out quicker that expected. Next thing you know, you are buying more and more only to put more waste in the trash. Plus, how do you remove pet hair from the rest of your home? These are the best pet hair removers for every nook and cranny of your lifestyle.

For Laundry: LeadTeam Pet Hair Remover

Main Benefits:
  • Removes pet hair from clothing in laundry
  • Washer and dryer safe
  • Re-usable
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for kids clothing
  • Tacky, flexible material that hair sticks to
  • Comes in a 2-pack

     If your washer and dryer already do a decent job at removing pet hair, than this product will not make a difference. However, more likely than not, you have noticed pet hair does not completely come off your clothing during washing. Most washers and dryers do a horrible job at collecting pet hair. Rather they wash your clothes and put it right back on. In that case, the LeadTeam Pet Hair Remover is an excellent, affordable solution that requires minimal effort. Plus, it really does work!

     When ordering from Amazon, you will receive a pack of 2 paw-print designed pet hair removers. Since they are safe to use in both the washer and dryer, we recommend selecting one for the washer and one for the dryer. Each measures 3.34” wide x 3.34” long x .59” thick, so they will not take up that much room. You can expect them to have a sticky, flexible texture and it is designed intentionally that way to help pick up fur. It may seem strange at first, but know that the product is completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and completely safe for kids clothing as well. The company states it is safe to use with all types of clothing, but we would steer clear from using it with silk or lace. Those extremely delicate pieces of clothing should be left up to the dry-cleaner to deal with.

     There are similar products on the market that you can pop into your laundry, but the LeadTeam Pet Hair Remover has received the best customer reviews and is, in our opinion, well-designed. However, we do not recommend using fabric softener or dry-cleaning sheets with it because the chemicals may degrade its sticky texture.

For Couch Cushions and Bedding: ChomChom Pet Hair Roller

Main Benefits:
  • Cleans pet hair and lint from fabric-like surfaces
  • Eco-friendly, BPA-free plastic
  • No adhesive or sticky tape needed
  • Reusable
  • Convenient and quick
  • Attached waste compartment for easy disposal
  • Saves money from having to re-purchase lint rollers

     The ChomChom Pet Hair Roller has become one of Amazon’s top selling pet hair removal products and it will give you plenty of reasons to celebrate! Instead of having to purchase lint rollers over and over again (ultimately creating much more waste), this product is free from sticky papers. Rather it uses the power of static and friction to thoroughly remove pet hair and lint from your couch, pillows, or bedding. Additionally, unlike a vacuum, it will not require plugging into a power source. It truly is easy, convenient, and quick!

     It measures 7.5 x 3 x 2.5”; having a wide roller head and a strong, plastic handle that is easy to grasp onto. The roller head is made with short, bristle-like fabric that traps hair due to the friction created during rolling. It also has a roller-guard that collects the trapped hair and lint; properly disposing of it in a collection receptacle located directly on the contraption.

     Admittedly, some customers have a difficult time using it at first. This is because it does not work like a standard lint-roller. To use it properly for effective clean-up, you must aggressively roll in a short, back-and-forth motion. This will cause the roller-guard to make loud clicking noises, however, this is normal. After use, press the handy thumb button located on its handle to open the collection receptacle and dump the waste.

For Countertops, Furniture, and Electronics: Swiffer 360 Duster Pet Refills

Main Benefits:
  • Use with Swiffer short handles, extendable handles, or super extendable handles
  • Dust and trap pet hair in one motion
  • Reaches in-between spaces and corners
  • Safe for electronics and all smooth surfaces
  • No spray cleaner or dust pans needed
  • Can often reuse many times before disposing
  • Dusts evenly
  • Scented with Febreeze for odor control

     Your weekly or monthly cleaning routine may often include a spray cleaner and hundreds of paper towels. But, with a shedding dog, the need to clean off furniture and electronics becomes increasingly more frequent. Especially on counter tops and tables where you eat and prepare food! Believe us, we know just how much of a hassle this can be. Using paper towels everyday may be easy, but it produces way more waste. That’s why the Swiffer 360 Duster Pet Refills are an absolute god-send.

     Each Swiffer 360 Duster Pet Refill is made from very soft strips of fiber that expertly trap and lock pet hair, human hair, dust, and lint. There is absolutely no need to use spray cleaner, paper towels, or dust pans! Simply slide one of these bad boys onto a Swiffer Duster handle and sweep in along any smooth surface. The secret: static cling! You will often find that each refill can be used multiple times before it becomes too loaded with grime.

     Since this cleaning product works from all angles, it becomes super easy to dust in-between spaces and difficult corners. It effectively eliminates the need for you to get down, twist, or turn; which can become extremely painful. Plus, Swiffer makes and extendable handle so that you can finally reach up onto ceiling fans and pesky top-shelves.

     We could not recommend this product enough! Once you have it in your home, your fur cleaning life it going to become so much easier. Sometimes the soft fabric strips can get stuck on sharp edges or splinters, but it never becomes an inconvenience.

For Flooring: Swiffer Sweeper Dry Mop Pet Refills

Main Benefits:
  • Use with Swiffer Sweeper tool
  • Cleans pet hair and dust from smooth-surfaced flooring
  • Traps and locks using static cling
  • Quick and easy
  • No floor cleaner necessary
  • Scented with Febreeze for odor control

     The Swiffer Sweeper Dry Mop Pet Refills is very similar to our previous pet hair removal pick, but is best designed for flooring. You can use it on any smooth surfaced floor like finished hardwood, tile, or lamiment. Each refill is made with super soft fibers that harness the power of static cling to pick up and trap pet hair (or any dust) as you run it across the floor. It is great for easy and quick daily use between your more extensive floor-cleaning routines. However, the floor will need to be dry for it to work properly. Therefore, do not use it directly after mopping.

     These refills do not come with the Swiffer Sweeper tool, but you can easily find it through Amazon or in any department or grocery store. Each refill is used by wrapping around the head of the sweeper with its textured side facing out. Next, use your finger to push each corner of the refill into the four gripping holes on the sweeper’s head. Voila! You are now ready to get rid of pet hair from the floor!

     Sometimes you may find that the product leaves a little pile of dust and dirt on the floor after pushing it along. If this is the case, we found that you can lift the sweeper from the floor and place it on top of the pile to help pick it up.

Deshedding Pet Grooming Tools

     To help tackle pet hair removal, we highly recommend the use grooming tools specifically designed for deshedding. This will combat the amount of hair left around your house before it even begins! Deshedding tools are unique pet hair brushes that remove loose fur and trap it safely for disposal.

Delomo Deshedding Brush

Main Benefits:
  • Used like a glove
  • Brushes and desheds your dog’s coat
  • Good for dogs who do not like brushes
  • Combines petting with grooming

      The Delomo Deshedding Brush is our favorite grooming tool for pups who do not like brushes. Sometimes a foreign object can be scary for a dog, so this unique deshedding tool combines the act of petting with effective grooming. In a basic sense, it is a glove that you slip over your hand and run across your pup’s fur (just like petting!). Its silicone bristles are soft and flexible, which will sooth Fido as their excess hair is gently pulled away. For more information and in-depth review, head on over to the Delomo Deshedding Brush Review. The only downside to this tool is that it does not have long enough bristles to get all the way down through your dog’s fur. Therefore, it is primarily for deshedding, not detangling.

Furminator Deshedding Tool

Main Benefits:
  • Removes 90% of excess shedding fur
  • No discomfort
  • Easy-to-grip handle
  • Five sizes available in both short-hair and long-hair version
  • Back button help push hair out from brush for disposal

     The Furminator Deshedding Tool is famous for being one of the most effective grooming products and we highly agree. Dogs have many different types and length of fur, and this specific deshedding tool help accommodate for that. It comes in five different sizes; including unique options for short-hair or long-hair pups. Plus, there is a handy button located on the back of the brush. This helps push trapped fur out from its bristles so you can dispose of it. You will notice that its stainless steel bristles are quite short, but that is because it is only designed to deshed. They will run through your pup’s top coat, gently pulling away loose fur. For more information about the Furminator Deshedding Tool and to read up on the many kinds of dog brushes, check out Must-Have Dog Grooming Tools.