Dog Travel

Grabbing a leash and going on a road trip is an exciting time for most dogs! But just like people, dogs can get car sick too, which can cause a stressful time. Dogs being car sick can make even the shortest trips stressful for both you and your pup. Before you know it, the treats you gave him have reappeared all over your car. But don’t let this stop you from creating those fun memories with your furry best friend!

Fortunately, there are things you can do before and during car rides to prevent and treat your dog from being car sick. Continue reading to learn about certain products and helpful tips to ease your dog’s travel sickness and get back to having fun!

Why Do Dogs Get Car Sick?

Motion sickness is very common in dogs, especially puppies. It is said that puppies ear structures used for balance are not fully developed. This could result in nausea and other negative sensations during car rides. Even when dogs are mature and fully developed, it isn’t to say they will outgrow being car sick, though many will. Some puppies have had bad experiences in the car which could follow them into adulthood. This could be being taken away from its mother and brought into a car to the vets to get shots. Any bad trip can ruin a dog’s desire to travel in a car.

In addition, stress from bad experiences could cause a dog to feel sick and scared. This isn’t fun for anyone and the dog could get physically ill. A dog who suffers from motion sickness should be treated as soon as possible. If your pup continues to get anxious or sick after several car rides, you should contact your veterinarian.

Signs of Dogs Being Car Sick

Dogs can’t tell us with words that they’re not feeling their best. That’s why it is up to us to know the signs of anxiety, pain, or fear. Most pet owners think that vomiting is the only sign of motion sickness. But there are many other symptoms, which include:

Panting: Heavy breathing is a very common sign that dogs may be in pain. If they are not panting because of the heat, then it could be because of anxiety, stress, or restlessness.

Whining: This is a form of a dog’s vocal communication with us. They can whine when they are seeking attention, excited, or scared. Dogs who whine during car rides are involuntarily telling us they are in a stressful situation.

Excessive Drooling: Many dogs will salivate more than usual when they have feelings of nervousness or discomfort. Most of the time it is not a sign of a health problem unless it is unusual for your dog or if it is constant.

Shaking: Shaking is the most common sign of anxiety or fear. This could be during thunderstorms, fireworks, car rides, or vet appointments.

Inactivity: A dog who is lethargic may be experiencing anxiousness. If your pet isn’t acting normal or like their active selves, they could have feelings of stress.

Licking Lips: Unless you are waving food or a treat in your dog’s face, your dog could be sending you a message. Lip licking is often referred as an appeasement gesture. Dogs who lick their lips could feel threatened or nauseous.

Top Products We Recommend for Dogs Car Sickness

PET RELIEF Car Sickness Dog Spray

Help your dog’s struggle in the car with this all-natural motion sickness relief! Pet Relief Car Sickness Dog Spray is proven effective, works fast, and is easy to use. Plus, there are no harsh chemicals that could result in bad side effects. It’s affordable, natural, and will provide your dog with lasting relief for both short or long car rides! Try this product with a lifetime warranty! Just spray directly on your car where your dog is or on their collar.

Travel-Eze Dog Sickness Tablets 

Johnson’s Travel-Eze are natural herbal tablets that will prevent your pup from getting nauseous and sick during car rides. It helps reduce dog’s feelings of vehicle motion for an easier travel for both the dog and the owner. Your pup will feel more comfortable and safer for an enjoyable car ride. Each package contains 12 doses of all-natural supplements.

HomeoPet Travel Anxiety Relief

This fact acting product will help relieve your dog’s symptoms of car sickness. You will no longer have to worry about a messy car after your dog gets sick. It’s safe for kittens, puppies, and pregnant and nursing animals. This liquid is free of chemicals and only has the purest and naturally grown ingredients. You can also use this product on birds, cats, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, and pigs. There are no known side effects and it will quickly help your pup’s anxiety during car rides, vet appointments, thunderstorms, and fireworks.

Adaptil Travel Calming Spray

Stay calm during car rides with the Adaptil Travel Calming Spray. You and your pup will be able to enjoy your adventures together with no nasty vomit in the car. It’s easy to use and will lessen your dog’s behavior caused by anxiety and fear. Adaptil is clinically proven to help your dog feel calmer. It’s odorless and is only perceived by dogs for a strong feeling of comfort and security. Just spray 8-10 pumps directly in your car, on your dog’s blanket, or on their collar. It is not recommended to spray directly on your dog.  

Natures Inventory Motion Sickness Wellness Oil

This product offers a 2-ounce bottle of all-natural ingredients for a stress-free car ride for your dog. Natures Inventory provides this formula to help dogs enjoy travel and the adventures with it! Ingredients in this product include organic jojoba oil, organic ginger oil, and organic peppermint oil. Peppermint and ginger essential oils quickly absorb into the dog’s bloodstream for a physical and emotional relaxation to settle the stomach and mind. Before a car ride, simply put a small amount below your dog’s chin to avoid car sickness. This product is for dogs only and should not be used on any other pet.  

Particular Paws Calming Aid

Use the Particular Paws Calming Aid for a holistic approach to your dog’s anxiety or stress. It’s all-natural and have organic herbs including chamomile flower, passion flower, ginger, thiamine mononitrate, and l-tryptophan. All of these powerful ingredients work together to reduce anxiety, nausea, and stomach related issues. They also help to promote organ health, and production of serotonin for a more positive mood. This supplement provides your dog with a feeling of relaxation for a calm car ride. Whether your dog is traveling in the car, anxious for the vets, scared during a storm, or in a new environment, this product will gently stimulate your dog’s neurons promoting a feeling of Zen.

Bulldogology Calming Dog Treats

The Bulldogology Calming Dog Treats are formulated with organic and natural ingredients for a more peaceful and calmer emotions for your dog. If your pup suffers from separation anxiety, car sickness, or aggressive behavior, this supplement is a great choice! There is no drowsiness or bad side effects. Ingredients in this product include hemp oil, chamomile, passion flower, valerian, l-tryptophan, and ginger root. Stop the anxiety and emotional behaviors with these calming treats that are proven to be safe and effective!

Helpful Tips

Before the Ride

·  Limit your dog’s food and water consumption

·  Make sure the car is cool

·  If using a crate, make sure your pup is accustomed to being in it at home

·  Put familiar items, such as toys or treats, in the car or crate

·  Use the products listed above to calm your pup and relieve their stomach issues

·  Exercising beforehand may help tire your dog out and not panic

In the Car

·  Take breaks from car trips for a week or two if possible

·  Change vehicles to avoid bad associations with unpleasant experiences

·  Try short trips first to enjoyable places like the dog park, etc.

·  Lower car windows to equalize air pressure

·  Accustom your dog to approach the car first without the engine on

During the Ride

·  Let your dog sit near the front

·  Let them play or snuggle with their favorite toy or blanket

·  Take frequent breaks if it is a long car trip

·  Keep your dog safe and comfortable

·  Use treats to make the car a fun place (Be careful not to give too many that could cause nausea)

·  Face your dog forward (less movement to look at)

·  Show compassion and care

·  Be calm and assertive

It may take patience and training to prevent your dog’s sickness during traveling. By using and following the tips listed above, your pup will soon be relaxed and enjoy each car trip. If your pup is still having troubles after trying these products and tips, make sure to talk to your veterinarian to rule out any health problems your dog may have. Hopefully, with time and effort your dog will be happy and safe for those fun and enjoyable adventures!