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We know it can be tough to find cute collars for your dog that are also functional. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite collars that are not only stylish but comfortable and reliable. You’ll have 10 high-quality collars to choose from, all at an affordable price. 

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Looking for more Top Preppy Dog Collars? Click here to find even more preppy dog collar picks!  We’ve included top designer look-alikes and this season’s hottest patterns. But, not to worry, all of our Top Preppy Dog Collars are still available on Amazon, and they are as cute as ever. These collars never go out of style!

Spoil Your Pup With A New Collar

We’ve got our favorite preppy dog collars just for you and your pup! All of her choices are available through Amazon for surprisingly reasonable prices. We even found several Martingale collars for those of you that have dogs constantly escaping from their collars, and some environmentally friendly collars, too.  Not familiar with exactly what a Martingale collar is?  No worries at all, check our our article on collar types here.

From nylon to polyester to cotton, you can find the perfect fit for your little friend. We’ve all experienced purchasing something cute for our pets that was much less functional than we intended. Fortunately, all of our picks are just as comfortable as they are cute! Several of our picks are made with Nylon, which is preferable for shorter haired pups; it’s lightweight, comfortable, and a more affordable option than leather. Unlike leather collars, all of these picks are easy to wash and maintain. Both the nylon and polyester collars are especially great for dogs who are constantly outside playing and are going to be getting their collars wet.

What are my options?

Most of these picks are traditional flat collars which are a must for all dogs. Even if your dog needs a special training collar, they should only be wearing it while you’re training them or walking them. Flat collars will give your pup a comfortable and easy way to wear their name ID in case of emergencies. If your pup is trying to back out of their collar, try out one of our favorite Martingale collars.  A Martingale is made with two loops instead of one, to prevent choking and to prevent your dog from removing the collar. They’re a safer alternative to choke collars and are extremely easy to use.

Looking for an environmentally friendly option for a guilt free purchase? Kai’s got you covered! Two of her preppy choices are Ruff Roxy collars. They use vegan friendly, cruelty-free materials for their collars (and are actually affordable). We found our favorite Ruff Roxy collars on Amazon so you won’t have to waste any of your time searching. All of our favorite collars are easy to wash, easy to use, and made to last. Whether you’ve got a brand new puppy or a full-grown German Shepherd, you can find the perfect adorable collar that won’t break the bank.

We have carefully selected brands with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind. If you find the perfect collar, but just not the perfect pattern, there’s no need to worry. Most of these picks are available in a variety of colors and patterns right through their Amazon link. Get ready to spoil your pup with a preppy collar you can both get excited about!

Top Ten Preppy Dog Collars RC Pet Adjustable Collar


First up on the list is this matching collar and leash combination from RC Pet. All of RC’s collars are made in Canada with quality materials and original designs. The leash has a reflective material to keep your dog safe at night and is a full 6’ in length. The clasp is nickel plated and sure to last. The collar is adjustable, comfortable, durable, and available in five sizes. The smallest size fits dogs with neck sizes 6-9″, and the largest size is ideal for dogs with neck sizes 15-25″. We love the RC collars because they’re easy to clip on, and are comfortable for your dog to wear for long periods of time. While you’re on Amazon you can check out the other variety of colors this collar is available in.

Alligator Martingale Collar

This alligator Martingale collar is durable, adorable, and effective. It’s made by Upcountry and is both stain and fray resistant. If you’re not familiar with Martingale collars you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Martingale collars fit loosely on your pup until they try to back out of it, then they gently tighten to prevent your pup from escaping their collar. Unlike traditional collars, they don’t hurt your pup’s neck and they don’t have to constantly fit tightly. You can find this dog classy collar on Amazon in four different sizes. This alligator martingale collar is designed and made in the USA, so you can trust the quality of the materials. Made with high-quality nylon webbing, this collar will last your pup a lifetime. You can even machine wash these collars, and then drip dry.  

Schmoopsie Couture Chevron Collar 

Schmoopsie Couture makes some of the cutest collars we’ve reviewed for your pups. Not only are they high quality, but they’re handmade and designed in the USA. This matching collar and leash is both durable and affordable, a set you and your pup can both love. It’s also great for dogs of all sizes. The smallest size is for neck sizes 8-13″, and the largest size is suitable for neck sizes 15-24″. The collar is made from nylon and comes with a metal D-ring for extra strength. All of the collars are 1″ to provide maximum comfort for your dog. The matching leash is also made from nylon and has a metal clasp to attach to the collar. 

If you decide to purchase the Schmoopsie Couture Collar, why not splurge on a matching leash as well! The leash is handmade and designed right here in the USA, and is made with durable nylon webbing. It also has heavy duty marine grade metal clasps that ensure durability. The leash that is available in two sizes, 48″, and 60″. Both sizes are 1″ in width, the same width as all of the collars. 

Very Vintage Organic Collar

The next preppy dog collar on Kai’s list is this Very Vintage organic cotton collar. All of their collars are handmade in the USA and machine washable. While cotton may not sound like a very durable material, it’s actually the strongest natural material used in collars. Very Vintage also use a unique brass hardware to give the collar a distinguished vintage look.  

Considering its an environmentally friendly design and unique look, we expected this collar to have an obscene price. Fortunately, you can purchase this collar at a surprisingly reasonable price right through Amazon. It’s available in six sizes for dogs, and they even have a size made just for cats. Fortunately, this collar is also machine washable – so no matter what your pup gets into, you’ll be able to have a new looking collar every week. With six different sizes and an extremely affordable price, this collar is perfect for any preppy pup out there looking for a new collar.

Schmoopsie Couture Anchor Collar

Kai’s next pick is another Schmoopsie Couture collar. This means that the collar is made and designed in the USA. This collar is available in seven sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. The extra small is designed for necks 6-9″, and the extra large is designed for necks 20-29″. The collar has an anchor design, metal D-ring for extra support, and is made of durable nylon. It’s long-lasting, comfortable, and easy to wash – what’s not to love? You can purchase a matching 60” leash from Amazon, which is available in three different widths. Once you order this set for your pup, you’ll be able to see how bright and well made this winning combination really is.

Ruff Roxy Plaid Collar

This Ruff Roxy plaid collar is the perfect, comfortable collar for your pup. It comes in seven different sizes, from extra small to extra large, and each size is also adjustable. They’re all handmade in the USA, so you know you’re spending your money on something that will last. For those of you who are environment and animal-friendly, you’re going to love this collar. The materials used are vegan-friendly, and the company that makes them work against animal cruelty. The collar is made with durable materials; it has a plastic buckle, steel D-ring, The bow tie is available in sizes extra small to extra large and is easy to attach because of its Velcro design. It’s available through Amazon at an extremely affordable price, with free shipping. 

Mirage Pet Martingale Collar

Mirage Pet makes quality collars right here in the USA. This particular collar is another Martingale which means your pup won’t be pinched or choked by the collar. There are many designs to choose from for these collars. Mirage Pet offers everything from basic strip designs to collages of hearts, anchors, flowers, and flags. You’re going to have a great deal of control over your pup with this collar, and yet, it’s incredibly comfortable for them. It’s made with nylon webbing and is adjustable between 10” and 18”. The collar is getting nothing but great reviews from customers because of its comfortable fit and long-lasting design.

Ruff Roxy Limited Edition Collar

Ruff Roxy is vegan-friendly and hand makes all of their collars. This limited edition collar is available in seven sizes through Amazon and is handmade using cotton in the USA. Ruff Roxy makes products for your pup that are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. They suggest washing the collar in cold water (either hand wash or machine wash) and then let it air dry. This is a purchase we’re sure you won’t regret. It’s bright, made with durable products, and environmentally friendly.

Country Brook Martingale Collar

This collar is intended for larger breeds such as Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds. It’s available in five sizes from extra small to extra large, and five colors as well. It’s made in the USA with polyester webbing and durable hardware. Another huge plus for this collar is that it’s a martingale collar meaning it won’t pinch your pup or choke them in any way. Martingales are so effective even trainers are beginning to use them on larger dogs. Because this collar is a Martingale it’s made without a buckle for extra strength. 

Preppy Personalized Collar

If you’re looking for a unique way to keep an ID on your pup, this might be the perfect preppy dog collar for you. In addition to this collar’s bright, colorful, and preppy striped look, the buckle is customizable. For no extra charge, almost anything can be engraved onto the metal buckle to make it unique to your pup. Up to three rows of engraving will fit on the cast aluminum buckle. To wash you can put it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and let it air dry. Each collar is handmade in the USA with durable materials (nylon, steel, and aluminum) making this a collar you and your pup will both love.

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