For us here at Better Living with Fido, Spring fever is starting to set in! We longingly look out the window, daydreaming about warm weather and tulips showing their popping colors. Fantastically, warm weather is also the perfect opportunity to spend a little more time outdoors with your loyal pup. From getting their daily exercise to simply bonding over a great, long walk, there’s no doubt that your dog loves warm weather too! Outdoor dog toys will become an essential tool in your warm-weather doggie arsenal.

     The famous Chuckit! Launcher is going down in dog history as one of the best toy-related inventions. For those of us who are tired of getting our hands all slobbery during games of fetch, it truly is a god-send! Furthermore, the extended handle saves your back from the pain of bending down over and over again.

     Since its creation, the Chuckit! Brand company has produced a good variety of balls and fetching toys that fit perfectly with the Chuckit! Launcher. However, there are other types of dog toys out there that work wonders as well. It all depends on their size and shape. Luckily, we’ve tracked down some of our top favorite dog toys that are compatible with the Chuckit! Launcher.

     Coming up soon, you’ll be able to scavenge through our full-length article on the best dog toys that are perfectly compatible with the Chuckit! Launcher. Therefore, if you are looking for a dog fetch toy to use with your already purchase launcher, make sure to choose from our list. In the end, knowing the pros and cons of each option will help you save both time and money. See you soon!