ultrasonic bark detterent

Excessive barking is a huge problem for many households with dogs. While barking is natural, there are safe ways to discourage dogs from constantly barking to express themselves. We are strong believers in ultrasonic devices. They emit an annoying pitch that only your pup can hear, discouraging them from barking excessively. Check out some of our top picks below.  

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Why Do Dogs Bark?


Barking is perfectly natural for dogs, however, if the barking becomes excessive, it’s time to make some changes. If you’re dog is barking too much, you should first figure out what is causing this unwanted behavior. The most popular cause of barking stems from your dog’s natural instinct to protect their house. Most dogs are territorial of their yards, toys, houses, and humans. When something or someone gets too close, this can trigger barking. While this is a natural behavior, you can still train your dog to be quiet when a friend comes close to, or inside of your house. 

Many dogs that suffer from separation anxiety will bark when they’re left alone. If you notice that your dog is barking while partaking in repetitive behaviors such as running in circles, this is probably due to anxiety. The answer here may be to get your dog a companion, or be sure that someone is checking in with your pup occasionally for extra love and attention

Of course most dogs will also bark when they want something; a potty break, food, attention, etc. These barks are important, however, there are better ways for your dog to show you what they want, it just takes the right training. From bathroom bells, to food schedules, you can give your dog everything they need without waiting for them to bark at you. 

If your dog is constantly barking and wagging their tail when they meet new people, this is simply a kind gesture. They’re trying to be friendly, and don’t realize that their excessive barking isn’t necessarily a welcoming gesture. While this is a friendly noise, it still may be best to train your dog to find better ways to greet new guests. 

ultrasonic bark deterrents

Ultrasonic bark deterrents work by emitting a high frequency noise when your pup is barking. The noise is inaudible to humans, and tends to eliminate barking pretty quickly. The sound is completely safe and humane for dogs, it’s annoying for them more than anything. The mechanisms will typically pick up the sound of a barking dog and immediately emit the noise until your dog stops barking. They’re great for both indoor and outdoor use, considering you won’t be able to hear the noise at all. 

Ultrasonic bark deterrents are great for pup parents that don’t want to attach a special collar to their pup or spend time training behavior out of their dog. These training devices give your dog consistent consequences for their barking, helping them learn to avoid that behavior. 

homeitem bark controller

The Homeitem Bark Controller is designed specifically for outdoor use. It’s completely safe to use on any dog, and has a cute design you’ll be happy to put in your backyard. You can mount it on a fence, wall, tree, or tables. The frequency given off by the “birdhouse” is completely safe and harmless. It’ll emit an ultrasonic noise that’s annoying for your pup, causing them to stop barking. They’ll learn quickly that their own behavior is triggering the noise. 

This device can detect barking up to 50 feet, and will immediately emit the ultrasonic noise until your pooch stops barking. The house is waterproof, durable, and even comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, as well as a 1 year quality warranty. 

ultrasonic bark deterant

The Homeitem Controller has 4 levels of operation, and only takes a 9V battery. The first setting will detect barking up to 15 feet, the second setting will detect barking up to 30 feet, and the third setting will detect barking up to 50 feet. The fourth setting is simply a test setting. The house is 4.9″, by 5.5″, and is a great addition to any yard or living room! In our opinion, this device is well-worth the money. It’s effective, durable, and safe for your pooch. 

Big Deal Bark Control

Ultrasonic Bark Control

The Big Deal Bark Control System is another great ultrasonic device for your pooch. This device has four adjustable volume levels that you can test out. Depending on your dog’s sensitivity, you can raise or lower the volume to make it effective. Just like all ultrasonic systems, it’s completely safe to use, and humane. Your dog will simply be annoyed by the noise and stop barking to stop the high pitch frequency. Fortunately, it’s too high for humans to hear, so you’ll never have to worry about hearing the frequency. 

This system is designed for indoor use only. No matter how large your house is, you probably won’t have issues with your dog hearing the device. The low range reaches 15 feet, the medium range reaches 30 feet, and the high range reaches 50 feet. The system is chic and simple, making it a great addition to your home decor. It’s 6.5″ x 4.3″ x 2.4″. We recommend this product to any pup parent looking for an indoor solution to their dog’s excessive barking. This will eliminate the need for a collar when your pooch is in the house, and give you peace of mind, as it’s completely safe to use on any size dog. 

Petsafe Ultrasonic Remote Trainer

The Petsafe Ultrasonic trainer works a bit differently than the other systems we’ve covered. Rather than automatically emitting a high frequency pitch when your dog barks, this remote is manual. You can use it to correct any behavior; jumping, biting, and of course, barking. Unlike most systems, this remote has buttons for both positive and negative reenforcement. The negative button will emit the ultrasonic sound, both startling and annoying your pup. The positive button emits an audible tone that encourages your pup to continue their behavior. 

This device is great because it doesn’t require a collar or permanent system that’s constantly running. It’s easy to use, and fits perfectly in your hand. It also haas a long battery life; it uses a 9V battery, that should last about one year. 

petsafe ultrasonic remote

We recommend this remote for any dog over 6 months old that has behavior issues. The remote has a 30 foot range, ideal for training either outside or inside. It’s lightweight, affordable, and Petsafe has a great customer service team that can help you with any issues.