Have you ever heard of these uncommon dog-friendly activities? We all hate to admit it, but sometimes pet owners run out of new activities to enjoy with their pups. We stock our home with dog toys every week, go on walks with our furbabys, take a day trip to the beach, hit up a dog-friendly hiking trail…and then what? Dog parents will often run into a roadblock; racking their brain for the next, latest activity or experience their pup will truly enjoy.

     In fact, many pups need new and exciting activities to burn off their excess energy. Leaving them bored is not only heart-breaking, but can bring out some bad habits like excess barking and paw chewing. Not to mention, enjoying new experiences with your furbaby will strengthen your bond. So, what kind of uncommon dog-friendly activities are out there? Our team aims to inspire you with these incredible ideas. These options are further divided into outdoor experiences and indoor experiences. After-all, both the weather and your location will often dictate plans.

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Outdoor Activities

     When the season turns and warm weather peaks through, it will open up the world to both you and your dog. However, everyone is heading to the beach or lazing around the dog park and your adorable pup may be completely over it. Depending on your location, there is only so dog-friendly activities you can enjoy before they start to get boring. With these two perfect outdoor dog-friendly activities, you will not have to settle for the same-old.

1. Sprinkler Party

     If your dog is a social butterfly or maybe needs a little help coming out of their cocoon, a sprinkler party with your friend’s dog is a wonderful idea! This uncommon dog-friendly activity not only allows you and a friend to hang out for the afternoon, but your pup gains a fellow friend too. Plus, especially during the summer’s heat, the cooling effects of sprinkler water keeps your pup healthy and hydrated during playtime. It really is simple: break out the kid’s sprinkler, invite your friend and their pup over, then sit back and relax as you watch Fido frolic and splash with their new pal.

     Not only is a sprinkler party a great summertime activity many owners may not think of, but it also acts as a method of social exposure for your pup. It will work especially well with younger dogs; ultimately helping to develop their good habits around other dogs and people. Just make sure to keep an eye out for signs of aggression and stop the behavior before it escalates. Keeping toys or treats on hand can help provide good behavior reinforcement for when the dogs act well together.

What You Will Need

  • Sprinkler
  • Triogato’s Outdoor Dog Pet Water Sprinkler
  • A water-friendly dog toy
  • A dog towel

     The first, and most important, item you need to throw a sprinkler party for your pup is a sprinkler. If you have children, there is a good chance you can break out their summer sprinkler for use. The second item you will want to invest in is Triogato’s Outdoor Dog Pet Water Sprinkler. This contraption combines functionality with complete fun. In fact, its primary purpose to provide your dog with cool, fresh drinking water in an outdoor setting. However, it is designed to work like a sprinkler.

     To install, simply use your existing outdoor hose and attach it to the back of the sprinkler. Once your pup steps on the self-activating step board, water will shoot up into the air; causing Fido to try and catch it with their mouth! For more in-depth information about this dog water sprinkler and why it will excite your pup, check out Triogato’s Outdoor Pet Water Sprinkler – An In-Depth Review.

     The third item, a dog water toy, is optional. However, we strongly encourage you to have one for the activity. The toy’s interactive nature allows you to join in and play with your dog; ultimately enticing them for more excitement and exercise. Plus, the dog water toy will help your dog and their invited pup friend play nicely together. Many dog owners already have a water-resistant dog toy around the house, but if you are looking for something new, head on over to The Best Water Toys for Dogs. This will give you a couple top-notch water toys that are backed by excellent customer ratings.

     The final item you will need is a dog towel. After frolicking through the sprinklers, your dog and their pup pal will be soaked. If time allows for it, allow them to air dry outside as you and your human friend chat over a drink or two. However, having a dog towel on hand is highly recommended because air-drying is not always possible or effective. Plus, especially if you have a smaller dog, you will want to dry the water off them before they shiver too much. .

     For the best, most effective, dog towels on the market, check out this article on The Best Dog Towels. Our personal favorite is the Soggy Doggy Doormat Super Shammy, which is featured in the article

2. Dog Picnic

     Maybe you and your pup need to get out of the house and spend some quality time away from the hectic chaos of life. If this strikes a chord in your heart, a dog picnic is something new and uncommon to try. All you need to do is pick out a dog-friendly park, hiking spot, or beach and gather human food for you and dog-friendly food for your pup. The location can be something you have visited before with your pup and fell in-love with or something brand-new that brings fresh air and peace. Most national parks allow dogs, with the exception for inside their buildings. Just make sure to bring a collar and leash because they require all dogs to be on 4 and 6 foot leashes around the trails. For more ideas on fabulous dog-friendly spots, head on over to the Best Vacation Spots to Bring Fido.

     Having a picnic with your pup is more than just a way to spend the afternoon; it gives you the opportunity to spoil your dog with yummy food and one-on-one attention. You can even use it as a rewarding destination activity to get your dog used to car rides. Plus, there is plenty of room to add your own flare with homemade meals, comfy picnic blankets, and possibly even an afternoon nap in the sun.

What You Will Need

  • A large outdoor blanket
  • Dog collar and leash
  • Waste removal baggies
  • Human food
  • Dog-friendly food

    First, you will need a blanket large enough for both you and your pup to sit or lounge on. This will act as a barrier between the ground and the food you bring. Plus, it helps to protect your behinds from bugs, grass stains, and any moisture on the grass. To minimize the expenses, try and find an old blanket from around the house that you feel comfortable taking outside. Next, make sure to bring your pup’s collar and leash. Even if locations are pet-friendly, most require dogs to be on a leash. Speaking of location policy, most do ask you to pick up after your pup. This means packing some quality waste removal baggies (and hand sanitizer!).

     Our all-time favorite dog poop baggies come from Earth Rated. They are eco-friendly and even offer a completely biodegradable option. Plus, they are proven to stay strong and get the job done right. For more information on Earth Rated dog poop bags and their size options, check out The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Bag.

Picnic Food for Fido

     The most important part of your picnic activity is the food! Packing your own human food is a no-brainer, but what about the dog’s food? Ultimately, you have two options: store-bought treats or homemade dog-friendly recipes. The quickest and easiest route is ordering a healthy, picnic-inspired treat; which we love Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats.

     The Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats are USA-made and use all-American protein. They begin with USDA inspected beef, chicken, or turkey and slow roast them. The treats are then naturally smoked to become true jerky. They contain no wheat, soy, corn, or gluten; which is perfect for allergy-prone or food-sensitive dogs. The 1lb. package comes with 27 sticks; each stick being 7” long. However, the best part is that you can easily break each stick into smaller pieces to specifically cater to any size dog. We absolutely adore these treats because they scream picnic. It is exactly what any human would scarf down on a trip, but formulated for dogs!

     Homemade food for your dog is not as complicated as you may think, plus you can eat it too! There are many benefits involved, including:

  • Knowing exactly what goes into your pup’s food
  • Gives you control over quality ingredients
  • Best for dogs with unique food sensitivities or preferences
  • Provides a fun way to spoil your dog
  • Prepping and cooking can be relaxing

     Specifically for your new picnic activity, we love this recipe of Turkey, Rice, and Veggie Mix; which you can find in-detail at Making Your Own Healthy Dog Food. The recipe only has 5 ingredients that will not break the bank and is quick to put together. Plus, the ingredients are simple to double or triple for larger batches. The meal does not contain any liquids, which makes it easy and mess-free to travel with.

Indoor Activities

     The weather will not always cooperate with the activities you want to do with your pup. Plus, many owners do not live in an area with access to dog-friendly experiences. Luckily, there are still some creative adventures to do with your dog right inside the comfort of your home. These activities will not require much planning or prep, which are perfect for owners on a money or time budget.

1. Dog Dancing

     There is a whole world of dog dancing out there that most pet owners have never stumbled upon. There is doing a silly dance in your living room with Fido, and then there is the true competitive world of dog dancing. Yes, it is a thing. However, this uncommon dog-friendly activity does not have to be serious unless you want it to. We love taking the idea of dog dancing and using it as inspiration for your next go-to experience.

     In its basic nature, dog dancing is a term used for combining dog tricks with fluid movement, all set to music. The owner and dog dance in tandem; with the owner sending specific commands for their pup’s movements. It takes practice, patience, and thorough training. However, getting started and practicing a little dog dancing routine is the perfect way to kill some time in the afternoon when you are stuck inside. Not only is it a new way for your pup to burn off some of that excess energy, but you will gain a whole new level of bonding and obedience. Your dog’s brain will be put to work; enhancing their mental capabilities and stamina.

What You Will Need

  • Command instructions or inspiration
  • Training treats
  • Floor space

     Dog dancing requires the use of commands and dog tricks, like heelwork or weaving. The best way to gain insight on how to properly teach your pup these tricks is to have a training book or reference. After seeing what kind of references are available, we recommend using Dancing with Dogs by Mary Ann Nester.

     Through Amazon, you can purchase it as a paperback or Kindle ebook. Specifically, this book is a guide to dog dancing and will take you from getting started to building unique skills. It will help you craft a performance from start to finish and provides plenty of visuals through colorful photos. Especially in the middle of command training, having this instruction book on hand will save you from having to delve through the internet for inspiration.

     The second item you will need are training treats. Training treats are very common throughout the dog world and are used as bite-sized rewards for good or correct behavior. The best training treats will be all-natural and low in calories so that your pup will not gain any extra pounds. We highly recommend using Fruitables dog treats as training treats because they are smaller in size and you can even break them apart. Not only are they certified organic, but Fruitables dog treats pack a ton of key vitamins in just 9 calories each. For more information on these treats and their different ingredient combinations, check out this Fruitables Dog Treats Review.

     The final item you will need for dog dancing is plenty of floor space. Steer away from hardwood surfaces that can easily be scratched by dog nails and, instead, head for the living room or finished basement. Move away any furniture or objects you could trip over; leaving plenty of space for incredible dance moves!

2. Therapeutic Dog Massage

     Learning and using massage techniques on your dog is a therapeutic and uncommon indoor dog-friendly activity. Many pet owners are unaware of just how beneficial these massage techniques can truly be for their dog. Plus, they do not take long to learn. At its core, dog massage takes the knowledge of canine anatomy and combines it with soothing hand movement that eases tension in muscles and joints. Primary benefits of learning dog massage include:

  • A natural remedy to soothe dog anxiety
  • Basic, natural cure to dog joint and muscle pain
  • Strengthens and reaffirms bond between owner and dog
  • Helps owners feel empowered over their dog’s health

     We love this activity for an afternoon indoors because it requires two steps. The first is learning about your pup’s anatomy, physiology, and well-being. This is perfect for inquisitive owners who like gaining knowledge to help their dog. The second is practicing on your dog. Once you have a couple key techniques down, you will be able to use dog massage anytime you wish. Whether that be for a simple activity to relax your dog or for when your pup is in pain. Ultimately, dog massage empowers you and your dog to take their health into your own hands and strengthen your undying bond.

What You Will Need

  • A learning resource for dog anatomy and massage techniques

      This uncommon dog-friendly activity does not require a laundry list of materials. The only thing you will need is a trusted resource for learning your pup’s anatomy and how to perform dog massage techniques. In this case, we highly recommend Healing Touch for Dogs: The Proven Massage Program by Dr. Michael W. Fox.

     Through Amazon, you can get this book in either paperback or Kindle ebook. The author, Dr. Fox, is both a veterinarian and animal psychologist. He provides easy-to-read instructions on a simple 6-step dog massage technique, as well as relaying key information on canine anatomy, physiology, and psychology. In fact, without a trusted dog massage resource like this, you run the risk of creating internal injuries.