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West Paw is one of our favorite dog-centric brands. They have a variety of dependable, safe, and fun dog toys, supplies, and accessories! From dog beds, to chew toys, and even collars, this is a brand that really knows what dogs want, and what you need. All of the toys that we’re going to cover here are safe, made in the USA, and seem to captivate dogs’ attention. Check out some of our favorites below!

About West Paw

About West Paw

West Paw was founded in 1996 in Livingston, Montana. The owner, Spencer Williams, has always cared for animals, which is why this company has thrived so well. The company began with just five full-time employees to try to make the best dog and cat toys. Here we are 20 years later, and they’re doing better than ever.

In the 90’s Spencer concentrated on employing locals, and building eco-friendly manufacturing facilities. In fact, they have a join the loop program that benefits you and the environment. If you purchase a Zogoflex or Zogoflex Air toy, you can ship them back once they’re too worn out. They’ll later be recycled into new Zogoflex toys! The cycle can pretty much continue indefinitely. Additionally, they store their goods in reusable boxes, and develop eco-friendly manufacturing processes to ensure they’re reducing their trash content. They’re also a member of the pet sustainability coalition.

Needless to say, this is a company that not only cares about dogs, but they care about the planet as well. They work hard to produce innovative, safe, toys that are eco-friendly in any way possible. In fact, they were named one of the best small companies in America by Forbes a few years ago. Our dogs give them 4 paws up, and we definitely agree! Check out their various toy lines below, and then simply consult Fido on their top pick! They’ll thank you, and so will the environment.


West Paw’s Zogoflex line is one of their most popular lines. All of the toys in this line are infinitely recyclable. When your dog finally destroys it (or grows tired of it), you can send the toys back to be reused on future Zogoflex toys!

In addition to being great for the environment, Zogoflex toys are great for Fido. They’re BPA, latex, and phthalate free. They’re also FDA compliant, and made with non-toxic materials. Making them not only great for interactive play, but for chewing as well. They’re made with thermoplastic elastomer, which stretches up to 400 times its length. This allows the toys to be incredibly durable and bouncy. 

Additionally, the Zogoflex line is perfect for water play! They come in bright colors that are easy to spot in the water, and all of the toys float due to the unique rubber design. 

Because of the thermoplastic elastomer, West Paw offers a lifetime guarantee on all of the toys in the Zogoflex Line. If and when your dog destroys it, you’ll receive a free replacement, and your old toy will go on to be a new recycled toy. 

Below you’ll find some of our favorite Zogoflex toys. Additionally, you can check out the full line here. 

Tux Treat Toy

The Tux Treat toy is a great pick for dogs that are motivated by treats. It’s made with durable rubber that’s designed for aggressive chewers, and of course the treats will capture their attention. As you can see, each toy has a hollowed center that allows you to stuff them with kibble, treats, or even peanut butter. When they’re finished with messier treats, you can simply pop it in the dishwasher. 

The Tux Toy is perfect for outdoor play, water play, and those that just like to sit and chew on their toys. 

The unique rubber design makes these toys incredibly bouncy. Due to the weird shape, the bounces are very unpredictable, which seems to intrigue most dogs. They never know where the toys are going to end up. Because the toys are on the heavy side, we do recommend making these outdoor toys. And to be honest, they’re perfect or outdoor play. They float, are easy to clean, and can withstand heavy chewing and weathering. 

Bumi Tug Toy

As you can probably guess, the Bumi Tug Toy is made for tugging. If your dog enjoys a classic game of tug o’ war, this is the perfect toy for them. Due to the unique Zogoflex rubber, it will easily stretch up to 400 times its size, without ripping or breaking off. Your dogs can pull as hard as they want without destroying the toy. Once again, we recommend this toy for outdoor play. It’s easy to wash (dishwasher safe), and can stand up to weathering. Additionally, its heavy design can cause trouble if used indoors. 

The Bumi accommodates both small and larger pups. The smallest size is 8″ long, and the large is 9.5″. This toy is perfect for households with multiple dogs. The toy’s shape and size allows two dogs to easily play with it together without having to fight over space. 

Zogoflex Air

Zogoflex Air Toys are similar to the classic Zogoflex line. All of the toys in this line are made with the same thermoplastic elastomer exterior. The difference? West Paw injects air into this line! The small air pockets create a soft ‘squish’ that your dog can bite down on. Additionally, the air makes these toys much lighter than traditional Zogoflex toys. This allows them to float higher in the water. 

We’ve also seen that the bubbly air pockets entice dogs to play as they like the odd texture. 

You will probably have a hard time ‘squishing’ these toys on your own, but they’re very easy for your dog to squish in their mouths. Many dogs love this satisfying ‘squish’. 

Just like the regular Zogoflex toys, this line is also infinitely recyclable, and comes with a 100% guarantee. If your dog destroys the toy, you can send it back for a full refund, and your toy will be used in the future to create new Zogoflex toys! There’s really no risk involved. 


The Boz Dog Ball is a perfect alternative to traditional tennis balls. So what makes this ball superior? First of all, it’s designed for dogs. Meaning it’s non-toxic, BPA-free, gentle on teeth, and easy to clean! Additionally, there’s no harmful felt that can hurt the enamel on your dog’s teeth. 

The Boz ball floats high on the water due to its lightweight design, making it the perfect ball for water play. While it is infused with air, and designed to be lightweight, this ball is still ultra durable. It earns a 4 out of 5 on West Paw’s durability rating. It has a firm outer shell, while still having a ‘satisfying squish’ for your pup’s jaw. 

Dogs love to chew on this ball, and that’s okay! It won’t get ripped to shreds, and if it does, you’ll get your money back. There’s no risk, and in our experience, dogs of just about any size will enjoy the Boz. It’s light enough for smaller breeds to carry around, while still being durable enough for those with a stronger bite. 

We highly recommend the Boz for dogs that love interactive balls. This ball floats, bounces, and stands up to stronger chewing.

The Boz is available in two sizes. The smaller size is 2.5″, and the large is 4″; a traditional tennis ball is 2.7″. 


The Dash is another great Zogoflex Air product. It’s lightweight, making it great for throwing. Surprisingly, the hole also allows for a smooth, fast flight, and a calm descent. It also makes it fun for dogs to play around with, and easy for you to pick up. 

The Dash has the same durable foam design as the Boz, but is made more for interactive play. It earns a 3 out of 5 on the West Paw durability scale, making it ideal for moderate chewers. 

This is a perfect toy for water play. It floats, can be thrown in the dishwasher afterwards, and is lightweight. This frisbee is only available in one size, 8″. It’s the size of a standard frisbee, making it easy to throw, find, and easy for Fido to carry around. It’s hard to see from the picture, but these toys aren’t a stiff shape, they have a wavy design, and of course, can be stretched and folded due to the foam interior. 

While your dog may be enticed to chew on this frisbee, we don’t recommend letting heavy chewers chew on the frisbee. However, smaller dogs and those with moderate chewing habits can definitely use this as a chew toy as well.


The Rowdies come in a variety of fun shapes and colors, but they all have the same design, fabric, and durability. These plush toys are incredibly durable due to their HardyTex technology. The HardyTex technology allows the plush fabric to be reinforced with mesh. This makes it harder for your dog to rip apart while chewing. 

Additionally, West Paw knows where your dog is going to be chewing the most; places such as limbs, eyes, and ‘heads’. These places are extra durable, as they expect your dog to spend most of their time chewing on these areas. 

The rowdies are designed specifically for dogs that have rougher playing habits. The eyes are embroidered on, they include the HardyTex Technology, and the chew zones are extra strong. 

You’ll love that this product is part of West Paw’s Love It Guarantee. If your dog destroys it, or doesn’t like it. You can fill out a form, and they’ll refund you your money. 

Additionally, it’s filled with eco friendly plush, contains a squeaker that keeps Fido occupied, and is machine washable! Wether you make this an outdoor or indoor toy, you’ll always have an easy way to wash and dry it. 


West Paw’s Montana line isn’t as popular as the Zogoflex toys, but it’s still a great line for dogs that like to snuggle! Big surprise, these toys are made in Montana, USA. They’re safe, cuddly, and your dog will love them. Each Montana toy has a durable squeaker that’s hand-sewn into each toy. No mass production, and no need to worry about factory mistakes. 

Additionally, each Montana toy is made with IntelliLoft fabric. IntelliLoft is a unique eco-fiber made from recycled plastic. IntelliLoft washes out completely clean, so there won’t be any long-lasting odors caused by your pet. These recycled fibers are used to sew in the plush filling. 

Each Montana toy is perfect for snuggling. The exterior is soft, and you can always throw them in the washing machine after excessive use. 

These toys are ideal for moderate chewing dogs. They can withstand a bit of chewing, and are great for sleeping next to. 

Gallatin Grizzly

The Gallatin Grizzly is one of the more popular Montana toys. As you can see, it has a softer plush exterior made with IntelliLoft fabric and fill. This fabric seems to entice dogs to not only want to cuddle with it, but to chew on it as well. 

Additionally, this grizzly bear has a durable squeaker embedded inside. We highly recommend this toy for dogs that love plush toys, but managed to destroy them quickly. Additionally, they’re great for dog parents that want to purchase products that benefit the environment as well. 

This toy is on the pricier side due to the hand stitching and the size. The bear measures 10 x 8 x 2.5 inches. However, if you have a dog that loves larger plush toys, this is a fantastic buy. Especially considering that you can get your money back if your dog doesn’t love this product. 

Big Sky

The Big Sky line is fairly similar to the Montana line. It’s designed for dogs that are passive playing, and like to snuggle with their toys. Made from the Big Sky blanket fabric, your dog will love this to snuggle with. Our dog has a favorite ‘crate’ stuffed animal that’s always in his crate with him. This is a perfect toy for that. If they’re moderate chewers they can chew on it, and it can always be there for them to sleep next to. 

Because they’re made with excess blanket material, they’re also great at reducing waste. Rather than throwing away excess fabric that can’t be used for their blankets, they turn the fabric into dog toys!

You’ll also be happy to hear that all of the Big Sky toys are safe to wash in the washing machine. They won’t fade, wear, or shrink. No matter what your dog gets into, they’ll come out of the wash looking great. 


The Big Sky Puppy Smoke toy is designed just for smaller pups. Our puppy loves plush toys. He nips at them and always needs to sleep next to one. This type of toy is perfect young pups. It squeaks, enticing them to play and nip at it. The outside is made of a soft faux suede and plush material that captivates them.

Each ‘smoke’ puppy is handmade in Bozeman, Montana. You can trust the quality, and Fido will love the comfort. 

This cute puppy toy is completely machine washable. When your dog cuddles it to death, you can throw it in the washing machine and pull it out brand new. 

These toys are pretty small, they’re 2 x 1.6 x 0.4 inches. So we definitely only suggest them for small puppies and toy breeds. They are long-lasting for moderate chewers. However, due to the high price, you may not find it worth it if your dog likes to destroy their toys. 

Furry Plush

There are five fun toys in West Paw’s furry plush line; the boogey, rowdy rooster, spring chicken, tango, and salsa toys. All of these plush toys are covered in a furry exterior that dogs seems to love. Our dogs like to both lick and chew at the exterior of these types of toys. Unfortunately, this means that eventually you may end up with little bits of fuzz around your house. 

Additionally, each furry toy is machine washable, eco-friendly, and pretty durable. 

furry toy

Boogey Squeak

The Boogey is one of the more popular toys in this furry line. This monster of a toy is 12 x 1 x 1 inches. Whether you have a huge breed or a toy pup, your dog can enjoy this toy. It’s large and durable, yet lightweight.

Each Boogey is available in three colors; hot pink, grey, and black. Each toy is handmade in the USA. West Paw does everything that they can to ensure quality and durability. 

While this toy is on the pricier side (closer to $20), it’s worth the money if you have a moderate chewer that likes plus, fluffy toys. It’s great for games of tug o’ war due to its long limbs, and the fuzz seems to keep dogs coming back for more. 

Floppy Toys

West Paw’s Floppy toys are great for dogs that like plush toys, but have a tough bite. They’re completely stuffing-free, and made from a plush material that’s used for baby blankets. They come in a variety of fun patterns and shapes, making them great for passive playing dogs that like soft, cuddly toys that they can also chew on. 

All of these floppy toys are made in the USA, squeak, and withstand a bit of chewing.There are three toys in this line; the quack, giraffe, and dog. All are available in either a regular larger size, or a mini size, making them perfect for just about any breed. 

floppy toy


The Floppy Giraffe is made from an eye catching plush material that’s ultra-soft and thin. Because it doesn’t contain stuffing, your dog can flop it around in their mouth and shake it around (as if they would a real animal). This brings out their hunting instincts, and captivates their attention more than traditional toys. 

While this toy doesn’t contain stuffing, it does have a fun squeaker that your pooch can play with. We find that this is great for both active and passive playing dogs. You can use it for games of tug o’ war, or simply let them chew on it and carry it around. The mini size is 8″ long, and the large is a whopping 14″. Considering the small price (around $10 for the large), we think this giraffe is well worth the price. 

West Paw has a ton of fun and unique toy lines that your pup can try out. While they are on the pricier side, we have found that they are well worth the money. They’re engaging, durable, and your dog will actually want to play with these toys day after day. 

There are so many different lines you’ll probably be able to find a line that’s right for your dog. Whether they like water toys, plush toys, or frisbees, there’ll be toy for them.