We all know it can be hard to find interactive toys for dogs that are durable. Fortunately, West Paw’s line of Zogoflex toys are just that. All of their toys are designed with a unique floatable rubber that is not only great for chewing but great for interactive play! Each of the 8 toys has their own unique benefits for dogs making playtime a blast

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A Word About West Paw


West Paw is a great dog-loving company that was established in 1996 in Livingston, Montana. Instead of outsourcing their manufacturing to China, they hire local talent to work out of an eco-friendly facility in Montana. They also use eco-friendly materials to make their wonderful dog and cat-friendly products. We have a lot of respect for this company. A majority of their product lines are recyclable, latex-free, BPA-and-phthalate-free, and made in the USA. Of course, they also have great products that both active and passive playing dogs can love. From their durable Zogoflex lines to their great fabric toys, there’s something for every pup.


Zogoflex is a unique technology developed by West Paw. All of their Zogoflex toys are infinitely recyclable! If you mail your Zogoflex toys back to West Paw after your dog destroys them, they can make new Zogoflex toys to help preserve the environment. The toys are also great for your dog; made with non-toxic materials that are BPA and Phthalate-free, Latex-free and FDA compliant. 

tug o' war

You’ll notice right away that the material is also very heavy and durable. The rubber is Thermoplastic Elastomer, which can stretch up to 400x it’s length. This allows the toys to withstand incredibly heavy chewing, and be 100% recyclable. The toys are pricier than most rubber toys on the market; however, they last incredibly long and are well worth the investment. Because the toys are so durable, West Paw offers a lifetime guarantee on all of the toys in this line. If at any point your dog is able to destroy the toy, just send it back and you’ll receive a free replacement.

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Tux Treat Toy

tux toy

The Zogoflex Tux is one of the most durable West Paw toys. The Tux is specifically designed for chewing. It can help aggressive chewers maintain healthy chewing habits and keep their clean teeth. In our experience, it also keeps them away from household items they shouldn’t be chewing. The Tux also has a hollowed center making it a great treat dispensing toy. You can easily fill it with peanut butter, kibble, or treats to keep your pup interested. Unlike some treat dispensing toys, this one is extremely easy to clean. Only the center of the toy is hollow, so you can easily rinse it out, or even throw it in the dishwasher. That does, however, mean that your dog will be able to get the treats out without too much of a challenge.

The Tux is great for just about any type of play. It floats, bounces, and has a flexible and durable material making it great for chewing. Even the most aggressive dogs have a hard time breaking down this toy. We would highly suggest this as a chew toy for pups that are either active or passive playing.

 Hurley Dog Bone

The Zogoflex Hurley is another chew-proof toy for aggressive dogs. Your dog won’t go looking for sticks in the yard anymore once they get their paws on this toy. It’s designed to withstand long chewing sessions, and is also great for a game of fetch! Because it floats, you can also use this toy just about anywhere. Its bright colors make it great for games at the lake or just at the pool.

zogoflex pins

The Hurley’s are available in 3 sizes, suitable for any pup. The mini is 4.5″ long, the medium is 6″ long, and the large is 8.25″ long. Its long skinny shape makes it great not only for chewing and fetch but also for bouncing because of its flexible rubber design. We would recommend this toy to dogs that like to sit and chew on toys for hours, it will withstand their play and can also be used for more active playing.

Bumi Tug Toy

zogoflex bumi

The Zogoflex Bumi Tug Toy is one of the more flexible toys made by West Paw. This toy is specifically designed for tug of war and fetch. The Bumi has the ability to stretch up to two times its length during games of tug of war. We’ve found this toy to be great for households with multiple dogs as well. It’s long enough and stretchy enough to allow for two pups to play with at the same time for some friendly competition. You’ll be happy to hear that this toy is also dishwasher safe, so no matter what your pups get into, this toy is built to last!

The Bumi is available in two sizes. The smaller size is 8″ long, and the larger size is 9.5″ long (until stretched). Keep in mind when purchasing the Bumi that it’s not designed for heavy chewing sessions like the Hurley. If your pup lays down and chews on the Bumi for hours they will inevitably be able to destroy it. This is great for active playing dogs that need a great way to burn off some energy.

Toppl Treat Toy

The Toppl is a great treat toy alternative to the Tux Treat Toy. However, it will be much harder for your dog to get the treats out of this toy. It’s designed like a cup with unique inner ridges that hide treats. It also topples over and stretches to keep your dog occupied and allow for strangely shaped treats to fit inside. If you want to make it even more challenging, you can buy two sizes (small and large); the small easily fits into the large, creating an interlocking puzzle for your pup. The smaller size is 3″ in diameter, and the large is 4″.


Just like all of the other Zogoflex toys, the Toppl is safe for your pups to eat from, and is dishwasher safe; making it perfect for messy treats like peanut butter. Keep in mind that this treat toy is designed for moderate chewers, if you have an aggressive pup that will try to rip the toy apart, they will probably do so after several weeks. We would highly suggest this for any food motivated dog. The puzzle will stimulate their mind, prevent destructive behavior, and get them excited to play.

Tizzi Dog Toy


The Tizzi is just about every Zogoflex toy rolled into one. The two handles and flexible material make it great for tug of war and even fetch. It’ll bounce around and allow your pup to stretch it out. The two legs and lock and unlock to help you throw it further. The Tizzi also has a compartment for treats. You can easily stuff it with kibble, treats, or even peanut butter and let your pup go crazy with it; fortunately, the toy is also dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. The Tizzi is available in two sizes. The smaller size is 4.5″ long, and the large is 7″ long.

The one downside to this toy we noticed is that the legs can be chewed off by really aggressive chewers. The Tizzi is definitely only made for games such as fetch, tug of war, and playing in the pool. If your dog spends a lot of time chewing on the legs they will eventually rip off. We would highly suggest this toy for any active playing dog that needs a fun toy to chase after.

Quizl Treat Toy

The Quizl is the newest toy in the Zogoflex line. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s a great treat puzzle for dogs of any size. The unique shape and hollow inside make it great for just about any treat, and because it’s flexible, your pup will have a hard time getting the treats out. We love this toy because it’s durable enough to endure long chewing sessions as your dog tries to chew the treats out. It’s also very bouncy, making it great for fetch, and its unique shape allows it to be used for tug of war as well! You can enjoy this toy just about anywhere, it floats, and is bright enough to see in just about any water. No matter where your pup plays with it, you can always bring it home and easily throw it in the dishwasher.


The Quizl is available in two sizes, the smaller size is 5.5″, and the larger size is 6.5″. We would highly suggest this toy for any dog motivated by food that needs a toy to occupy their time. Most pups love to play with this treat even long after the treats are gone. And because it has a lifetime guarantee, you can return the product if your dog does manage to destroy it, and they’ll recycle it for you!

Jive Dog Ball


The Jive ball is one of the most durable dog balls we have tested. They’re great for both active and passive playing dogs that need something to chew on. Just like the other Zogoflex toys, the ball is highly buoyant, so it will float in the water, is extremely bouncy due to its flexible design, and built to last. The ball is available in three sizes, the extra small is 2″, the small is 2.5″, and the large is 3.25″. These balls are also the perfect size for most ball launchers that you can buy online.

We would highly recommend the Jive ball to dogs that need to burn off some energy, and also like to chew. Unlike most tennis balls and bouncy balls, the Jive ball is made to survive heavy chewing and roughhousing. The Zogoflex balls are pricier than tennis balls, but they’ll last a lifetime, and won’t hurt your dog’s teeth like typical dog balls. They’re also dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to toss them when your pup destroys them outside.

Zisc Flying Disc

We all know dogs love frisbees but are they good for their teeth? Not necessarily. Frisbees are quickly destroyed as your dog tries to shred through them with their teeth. They can be a great toy however if they’re built for chewing. The Zisc the perfect flying disc for your pup. It’s flexible enough for just about any pup to catch and bouncy enough to make for a great game. The Zisc also floats which makes them great for pool and lake play for your pup. Unlike traditional frisbees, the Zisc is designed to withstand heavy chewing. No matter how your pup catches it, the Zisc will survive your dog’s chew.


The Zisc is available in two sizes. The mini is 6.5″, and the large is 8.5″. Despite it’s flexible and light design, it flies just as well as any other frisbee your pup would pick up. We would recommend the Zisc to any pup owner that has either a passive or active playing dog that needs a fun way to play.