Your dog’s collar can have many purposes. When out and about, it will notify others that the dog belongs to an owner. Many dog collars sport dog tags, which will provide others with a name and phone number in case Fido gets a little too far from home. Dog collars also allow an owner to attach a leash and take their pup into public places or on a refreshing jog. Some dog collars are just too adorable to handle and add that little extra something on your cutie-pie. There is a whole industry out there catering to you and your dog’s collar needs! When it’s time to replace a dog collar, the whole market is at your fingertips.

After purchasing that perfect collar, you hold onto it for a lifetime. Through rips, stains, odors and all, that is the perfect dog collar and there is no way you are getting rid of it. There are signs that you should watch out for; signs that send you a warning it is time to replace the collar. While that perfect collar was perfect before, it could now be a safety hazard for your pup. Some collars prove to be harmful even before they get worn-out. Learning the signs of a harmful dog collar is important for the safety of your pup.

Replace a Dog Collar Reason 1: Wear & Tear

When your dog’s collar begins to rip at the stitching or get smelly, it is time to replace it. A ripping collar is much more liking to break the next time you use a leash with Fido out on the go. If your dog is prone to chasing any animal or car that passes by, this can lead to disastrous results. While some pups are well trained to sit and stay, others get wrapped up in their own excitement and are off to the races. Even plastic buckles can bend and break, making those collars unreliable for pups who pull or tug on the leash.

If an odor is coming from your furbaby’s collar, this is a sign that mold or mildew may be infecting the fabric. By playing in the water, getting rained on, or soaking up sweat, the collar stores moisture. This becomes a breeding ground for little microbes. That nasty mold or mildew scream: it’s time for a new collar! Moisture can also cause any metal pieces or buckles to corrode and possibly rust.

A Good Collar for Outdoor Dogs

When your pup is active and enjoys everything outdoors, his or her collar is extra prone to wear and tear. The Comfort Collar Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar by Black Rhino is a great option for outdoor-loving canines. Although it is soft and lightweight, this thing sports some heavy-duty hardware. It is built tough and durable, great for all outdoor conditions and rough-playing pooches. The neoprene padding protects skin from any rubbing irritation and easily dries. If your pup likes to swim, The Comfort Collar Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar has reflective stitching that comes as an extra bonus!

Black Rhino makes their Comfort Collar in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small ranges from 11 to 15”, the medium from 14 to 17”, and the large from 18 to 22”. If you enjoy outdoor adventures with your furbaby, we recommend this durable, yet soft, collar.

How Different Collar Materials Hold Up


Dog collars are made of different materials. Most of your standard run-of-the-mill collars are made from nylon, but there exists a range of options for you and your pup to explore. Nylon is actually a type of plastic. During production, manufacturers use threads of this special plastic to weave into a product that mimics fabric. Your standard nylon dog collar has great resistance to wear and tear but is not indestructible. Certain types of nylon are known to absorb water, possibly changing its abilities over time. These dog collars are the standard but are nothing special unless a company has done something else to enhance it. It will contain chemicals, so if you do not like this factor then look for other fabric options.


Leather dog collars are very popular among owners. The material is highly resistant to tears and punctures, making this a great option if your pup is active. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that you will find a leather collar with plastic buckles. Metal buckles add that extra strength and durability. Although a brand-new collar will be stiff, over time the leather will become more and more flexible. Think of your favorite pair of hiking boots and how you had to break them in to mold to your foot. Do you live in a hot climate? Leather will absorb Fido’s sweat, but is resistant to mildew. No more stinky collar!


Cotton dog collars are hypoallergenic and provide a great option for pups who might have skin allergies. The material is durable, yet breathable, absorbing Fido’s sweat without getting damp. This will keep your pup comfortable and ready for more adventures! Furthermore, you can pop this collar in the wash to clean it without fear. Cotton has low elasticity, which means that it will not easily stretch. Your collar will maintain its original size and shape throughout time.

Replace a Dog Collar Reason 2: Collar Material and Skin Irritation

It is time to replace a dog collar if you notice skin irritation around or under your pup’s collar. Harder materials, like leather and nylon, can rub against a dog’s neck and create bare spots when they have a thin coat. Use a softer material collar, like fleece or hemp, if you are worried this may happen.

Dogs can have allergies just like you and I; one of these includes skin allergies. Fido’s sensitive skin may not like certain materials. Reactions are known to occur with leather, nylon, and chemical dye. While many dogs will not have a reaction, it is best to keep an eye on their behavior and their skin when introducing a new collar. Some signs of a reaction include:

  • Scratching the collar excessively
  • Bald patches under to collar
  • Skin rashes or hot spots near the collar
  • Crusty skin under the collar, which may have puss

After visiting the vet to treat any wounds caused by the reactions, you will want to investigate other types of collars. It is a safe bet to go with materials like hemp, cotton, or hypoallergenic metal alloy chains.

Dog Collars for Sensitive Skin

Hemp dog collars are new to the market and well worth a peak. If you are an eco-conscious owner, then this is the perfect option for you. Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collar does absolute wonders for dog with sensitive skin. It is biodegradable, which means it does wonders for the earth too! The hemp material resists molds and is machine washable so you can easily clean it. If your pup loves to pull during leash time, you may want to consider a second, heavy-duty collar for that purpose.

The Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collar sports a fleece lining, adding that extra comfy factor. You can choose between a size medium and large; then use the adjustable strap to fit it perfectly to your pup’s neck. Any dog will be able to comfortably wear it; the collar only weighs 2.08 ounces! Extra bells and whistles include a snap closure and ring for leash attachment.

Replace a Dog Collar Reason 3: Size & Fit

It is time to replace a dog collar if it can not adjust properly to the size of your pup. If a dog’s collar is too loose, they will escape and bound off down the street or into the woods. If their collar is too tight, it will cause them distress and be uncomfortable while eating or drinking. Think about that fashionable choker you loved back in the 90s! As an owner, making sure their collar fits just right should not be over-looked.

Dogs grow and lose weight, they change size and shape. When fitting their collar, you should be able to fit 1 to 2 fingers between their neck and collar. Puppies are especially prone to collar-fitting issues because they grow at such a rapid pace. In this case, you will want to check their collar fit once a week to see if it needs adjustment or the purchase of a big boy collar.

Replace a Dog Collar Reason 4: Safety Considerations

Your furbaby’s collar is a safety feature that you instill for everyday use and special outdoor adventures. To make sure that it is safe for your dog to wear, there are options to consider. On a jog or walk, most owners attach a leash directly on to their furbaby’s collar. If a dog pulls heavily, this will put strain on their neck. Ouch! When using a harness, instead, that strain disperses and puts pressure on the body safely.

While metal buckles are highly durable, they can prove a possible choking hazard. Break away collars are a great alternative. When the collar becomes caught on something, they will release your pup out of harms way. Some vets even suggest taking your pup’s collar off if you are not monitoring them.

Replace a dog collar if you see any code-red signs of danger.

In Conclusion

Swimming dogs, hiking dogs, fetching dogs, and lounging dogs; each canine can sport their very own collar made practically for them! When that collar is worn or gives discomfort it is time to hit the market and find a good replacement. Once you have found that perfect collar, you can reorder the next one with trust in the product! Your furbaby will happily bounce around in both style and comfort.