Whimzees products are not only a fun treat for your pooch, but a dental treat, and a chew as well! Our dogs love Whimzees; as soon as the bag gets cracked open, they come running. What makes them so special? They’re made with 100% vegetarian and gluten-free ingredients! Making them the perfect treat for dogs with allergies, and those on special diets. Check out the Whimzees line below. 

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The Main Benefits of Whimzees Dnetal Chews

  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Highly Digestible
  • Great For Dental Hygiene
  • Safe
  • Will Not Splinter
  • Full of Vitamins
  • Non GMO
  • No Recalls 

Our Top Whimzees Picks

     Whimzees come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, an flavors; each with their own benefits to match your dog. For in-depth information on all Whimzee products, keep scrolling. However, here are our top favorites:

The Whimzees Dental Chew Line-Up

     Paragon Pet Products, the creator of Whimzees, cares so much about pup safety that they provide a sizing and feeding cheat sheet on their websites. They have created a detailed chart of all their Whimzee products, their sizes, what size dogs they are best for, and even calorie count (around 60 calories per treat). All these characteristics come into play when deciding which chew is best for your dog. Almost all the different Whimzees come in different sizes. To help you navigate, in each treat review below we’ll point out any specific size recommendations you need.

1. Toothbrush and Toothbrush White

     Although they are described separately on the Whimzees website, these two chews are essentially the same. The toothbrushes models are slim and easy for a dog to chew on. They even have cute, individual bristles like a regular toothbrush! The Toothbrush White model has white bristles made of calcium carbonate, which is great for tooth and bone health. They are available in green-white and orange-white colors. 

     We love the Toothbrush White models because you get the benefits of both the calcium-enriched bristles and the green (alfalfa extract) or orange (annatto extract) bases. They are available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes, so they’re great for Retrievers, Labradors, and Collies. While the regular Toothbrush model doesn’t include the calcium carbonate bristles, they are available in all sizes from extra small to extra large. You can buy a pack for your Chihuahua, or a pack for your Great Dane!

2. *New* Brusheez

     Not only are Brushseez new on the market, but they happen to be one of our favorite Whimzees products! As you can see, it’s shaped much like the regular Whimzees toothbrush. Additionally, they have just about the same non-GMO, vegetarian ingredients. So what sets this toothbrush apart? First of all, it has more grooves that not only aid in dental health, but also make it easier for your pup to chew on them! Even our tiny Chihuahua chews on these (though it takes her awhile). This pupgraded toothbrush is available in three sizes on Amazon; suitable for every pup! Check out these fun bags on Amazon, your dog will thank you, and they’re sure to last awhile. 

     The Whimzees Brusheez are suitable for dog 5 through 60+lbs. These are the suggested size options for each dog depending on their weight:

  • 5-15lbs: extra small
  • 15-25lbs: small
  • 25-40lbs: medium
  • 40-6lbs: large
  • 60+lbs: extra large

3. Hedgehogs and Alligators

    The Hedgehog and Alligator Whimzees models are certainly crowd favorites. They both come in green, brown, and orange colors. Their bumpy texture makes them extremely engaging and fun for your dog. The alligators’ scales and the hedgehogs’ quills are represented by knobs and bumps that are made from the same vegetarian, gluten-free material. These textures are not only fun, but they allow proper blood flow through your dog’s gums while they enjoy their chew. The extra grooves on these chews help dogs clean those hard-to-reach spaces in their teeth. The alligators are available in small, medium, and large sizes, while the hedgehogs are available in large and extra large sizes. These are seriously fun dental chews, and we know your dog will love them.

     There is a key difference between the Hedgehog and Alligator: sizing. Since both are primarily meant for larger breeds, pay close attention to the size suggestions. The Whimzees Alligator is only suitable for dogs weighing between 15 and 60 lbs. Using the weight of your pup as a measurement, you can select the best size option:

  • 15-25 lbs: small
  • 25-40 lbs: medium
  • 40-60 lbs: large

    The Whimzees Hedgehog is not going to be something you hand over to small dog. Of all the Whimzees options, this is your largest because it is only truly meant for pups between 40 and 60+lbs. For dogs between these certain weights, choose the corresponding treat size suggestion:

  • 40-60 pounds: Large dog chews.
  • 60+ pounds: Extra large dog chews.

4. stix

     If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Whimzees Stix has a classic dog dental chew shape that can be enjoyed by any dog. Their thin and straight shape makes them so easy to enjoy.  The Stix also have smooth grooves that help scrape the plaque and tartar right off your dog’s teeth! The Stix are available in all sizes from extra small to extra dogs.

     These treats are super easy to break apart and feed to your pup in smaller pieces. This way, not only can you use one to last the full day, but you can customize their size. Because of their chewy texture, they really do last a long time. Plus, they don’t crumble and make a mess all over the carpet like other treats do.

     The Whimzees Stix are suitable for dog 5 through 60+lbs. These are the suggested size options for each dog depending on their weight:

  • 5-15lbs: extra small
  • 15-25lbs: small
  • 25-40lbs: medium
  • 40-6lbs: large
  • 60+lbs: extra large

5. Rice Bones and Veggie Ears

     Whimzees has combined their winning vegetarian chew formula with the traditional rice bone to create yet another great dental chew. Rice has been known to be very easy on doggie stomachs, so if you have a pooch that is very sensitive to dental chews and food, Whimzees Rice Bones are right up your alley. Additionally, just like all of the other Whimzees products, the veggie ears have the same six vegetarian core ingredients. 

      Whimzees Veggie Ears are also a classic take on the large ear-shaped dental chews. However, instead of being rock-solid and low in nutrients like regular ear-shaped chews, these are made with Whimzees’nutritious, vegetarian formula. Whimzees Rice Bones and Veggie Ears are only available in one color, brown, and in one size: 2.1 ounces, 4.5” and 6.9”, respectively. Paragon Pet Products recommends that they both only be given to medium to large sized dogs.

6. Crossbones

     Like the Rice Bones and Veggie Ears, Whimzees Crossbones are sold in one size: 1.1 oz, 3.5”. The down side about this option is availability. Amazon seems to only sell them in larger quantity boxes and Whimzees does not directly sell any of their products through their website. However, the larger box is exactly what many store owners would like for their shop. For pet parents, keeping a larger box around will last a very long time.

     The Crossbones have a fun, X-shaped body that is easy for dogs to handle. Also, the two bones are grooved, making them great for cleaning teeth. These chews are available in all three of Whimzees’ vitamin and amino acid-enriched colors. 

7. Veggie Sausages and Veggie Strips

      Whimzees’ Veggie Sausages and Strips are guaranteed to make your dog’s mouth water. Resembling jerky, these vegetarian sausages and strips are made with clove bud oil. This makes them not only more tasty to dogs, but they also keep your dog’s teeth strong and healthy. These veggie chews cover a wide variety of dogs. The sausages, which resemble Slim Jims, are available in small, large, and extra large sizes. The strips are available in only one size that is recommended for medium-sized dogs.

What Are Whimzees Made of?

     Whimzees are gluten-free and 100% vegetarian. Their beauty is in their simplicity. All Whimzees are made from six main ingredients. A potato starch base makes them yummy and digestible. Glycerin, powdered cellulose, malt extract, and yeast, held together by the all-natural emulsifier, lecithin, give these chews a ton of great health benefits. They are rich in fiber, amino acids, and vitamin B (all while being under 100 calories per treat). They are highly digestible, meat-free, wheat-free, and fight plaque and tartar growth. Their naturally dense makeup allows these treats to last much longer than other similar brands such as Greenies.

Health Benefits

     In addition to the beneficial base ingredients, five of the ten available chews come in three different colors. Each of these colors come with a bonus health benefit. The green Whimzees, made with alfalfa extract, have extra amounts of vitamins K, C and B6s, as well as beta-carotene, which is converted in vitamin A. Brown Whimzees, made with annatto extract, are rich with antioxidants, so they are great for a dog’s cellular health. The brown Whimzees use more malt extract for color, which improves dogs’ metabolism. All variety packs of these five Whimzees chews include a mixture of these three colors. The other five Whimzees are not available in different colors, but they have special benefits of their own as well.

Are Whimzees Digestable?

     The ingredients in Whimzees Dental Chews are not only healthy, but they are safe for dogs to chew on and 100% digestable. They are made hard enough to keep from chipping apart in the packaging, Whimzees are softened when chewed on and activated by saliva. This means that Whimzees are much less likely to chip or damage your dog’s teeth. Plus, they will not splinter like some other hard chews do. This also means that stronger dogs who mistake chews for treats will be able to chew through Whimzees.

Why is My Dog's Dental Health Important?

     A dog’s dental health is one of his or her most important assets. Think your dental bills are expensive? Just imagine how much Fido will cost you when his or her teeth start having issues! After mealtime, bits of food will be stuck in and around you dog’s teeth. As the gunk continues to sit there (combining with saliva and all sorts of bacteria), plaque will form. Eventually, if not remove, the plaque will harden and transform into tartar. That’s when things get nasty! The tartar is a primary cause for tooth and gum decay and disease.

Dental Chews Act like a toothbrush

     Aside from manually brushing a dog’s teeth, dental chews are the best option to maintain or improve dental health. They are a key alternative to the struggles of brushing your pup’s teeth. However, there are many potential dangers one has to consider when choosing dental treats. Some antlers, raw bones, plastic chews, and definitely rawhides are known to be choking hazards if you don’t monitor them closely. Plus, they can contain harmful substances for dogs’ digestive systems. Luckily, there are great alternatives, such as Whimzees Dental Treats. 

     We have found that Whimzees Dental Treats are not only one of the most effective dental chews on the market, but are remarkably safe and nutritious for dogs. These all-natural dental chews, made in Holland, are safe for your dog’s throat and stomach. They have a harder consistency that other dental chews like Greenies (see Whimzees vs. Greenies), but your dog’s saliva with activate a softening effect as they chew. This makes them best for dental care. 

Whimzees Safety and Guidelines for Use

     Are Whimzees safe? The short answer is yes. In fact, Whimzees Dental Chews have never been recalled. Furthermore, our in-depth research shows no controversy over their ingredients or design. As long as you use these treats as intended, you should have no issues.

     With healthy ingredients, Whimzees are safe for dogs from 5 pounds to 60+ pounds. Plus, they have limited and natural, ingredients and no artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, preservatives, GMOs, gluten, or meat (a true reason to celebrate if you have an allergy-prone pup!).They are also high in fiber and low in both calories and sugars!

     In order to keep your pup happy and healthy, Whimzees suggests feeding your dog one properly sized treat per day. Additionally, you should always have fresh water available for your dog. As with any edible item, you should also monitor your dog while chewing to ensure the best safety. Not all Whimzees chews are great for every sized dog. So pay attention to any sizing guidelines; which we have included in each treat review above they pertain to.

Are Whimzees safe for puppies?

     As mentioned above, some Whimzees Dog Chews are suitable for dogs 5 pounds to 60+ pounds. However, does that mean they’re safe for puppies? Not necessarily. Although they contain healthy and natural ingredients, they are not suitable for dogs under the age of 9 months.

Puppies love to chew on different things especially during the teething period, so you may think to give them a chew treat. Not only will this help with their pain but it will also help keep your furniture intact. But as puppies grow, so are their teeth. This means their teeth may not be strong enough yet to chew on harder objects, such as Whimzees. This could cause serious dental issues if they were to damage their gums or teeth. Veterinary dentists often say, “Don’t let your dog chew anything that won’t bend.” 

Furthermore, under the age of 9 months, you may not know what type of chewer your dog is yet. They could be extremely aggressive and try to swallow large portions of the chews. If this were to happen, pieces of the chew could get stuck in their esophagus and cause a blockage.

Better options for puppies while they are teething could be putting their favorite rubber toy in the fridge to help cool their gums. You can also feed your dog frozen foods such as carrots, apples, or blueberries!

About the Company: Paragon Pet Products

Whimzees are manufactured by Paragon Pet Products; who is owned and operated by a parent company called WellPet. In fact, WellPet also owns other well-known, holistic dog companies like Wellness and Old Mother Hubbard. Combining all of their experience, they have gone through over 100 years of perfecting dog nutritional standards and high-quality, natural ingredients.

Not only is WellPet committed to a high ethical code, but they have involved themselves in many sustainable community efforts. For example, the company proudly supports the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. This includes using SFI certified packaging materials; which means the fibers used in packaging can be traced back to sustainable sources. For more information on WellPet’s efforts, we encourage you to click here.