With so many options of dog food out there, it can be quite difficult to find the best one for our furry friends. Every dog has different needs so there are so many dog foods on the market that are said to benefit dogs in various ways. However, are they all healthy or affordable? We have found a dog food brand that has created food that’s healthy for our pooches at a reasonable price! Introducing Whole Earth Farms Dog Food. Whole Earth Farms is a wholesome line of naturally nutritious pet food that offers quality ingredients from the earth at a great value. They offer both kibble and canned recipes that are cooked in the USA for a complete and balanced diet.

Furthermore, they are introducing their latest formula, grain free recipes! Whole Earth Farms provides dogs with more high-quality protein, easy digestibility, less shedding, shinier coat, increased energy, and more. A lot of pet owners have said they’ve noticed a positive difference in their dogs including increased activity, healthy skin and coat, and decreased allergy symptoms. Whole Earth puts only the good in and leaves harmful ingredients out, such as corn, wheat, soy, by products, artificial colors and preservatives.

Not only do they offer grain free recipes, but they also offer recipes for adults, puppies, small breeds, cats, and overweight pets. What makes Whole Earth Farms unique is that they have helpful tools so you can compare their price to other dog food companies, learn how to transition your dog to new food, and important FAQ’s asked by pet owners.

Coming soon, we will provide you with an in-depth review of Whole Earth Farms Dog Food. We’ll give you all the details including all about Whole Earth Farms, their ingredients, how the food is made, the benefits, cons, and customer reviews. Check back soon to read all about Whole Earth Farms Dog Food!