The Wisedom Dog Treat Ball is an interactive puzzle toy with a dog food dispenser that is great for encouraging chasing, chewing and playing. It is the best of both worlds for your dog. The Wisedom Dog Treat Ball trains your dog’s brain by encouraging their want to learn and play by combining playtime with treats. This interactive toy makes for a great distraction from getting into mischief. When it is moved around or chewed on by your dog, the treat/food filled center releases a couple pieces at a time through the small holes on the balls surface. This creates the play and reward system concept with your pup. It keeps your dog occupied by challenging them in a way that is fun, interactive and rewarding and will ensure an enjoyable experience for both you and your pup. 

     This ball is also great for indoor or outdoor play. The Wisedom Dog Treat Ball not only keeps your pup busy and out of trouble but it keeps your dog active and full without them even realizing it. The effort they put in is fun for them and the treat reward gives them motivation to keep problem solving. It is a fun way to keep them and your house safe while you are gone during the day. The Wisedom Dog Treat Ball is also a great toy to use for those dogs with anxiety. While some dogs tend to be on the more destructive side while home alone, other dogs can get sad and nervous while at home alone. And for some hard working people out there, that may be for the most part of the day. Normal old boring rubber chew toys may be used by your pup for a little while but none can entertain a pup for hours like the Wisedom Dog Treat Ball can. The treat ball can keep a pup entertained and happy for hours while you are gone. Your nervous pup can keep their active worried minds busy problem solving and thinking about how to maneuver the ball to get the next treat out. 

Table of contents 

Interactive puzzle toy benefits 

Dog food/treat dispensing benefits 

Wisedom Dog Treat Ball

UFO ball benefits

Three hole ball benefits

Flying ball benefits 

Why is the Wisedom treat ball right for my dog?

About Wisedom dog company

Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Stick 

When searching for a toy for your dog, you would be amazed by all the different features and benefits they provide to help keep your dog satisfied. There are several different aspects of a toy that help keep your dog interested. A lot of pet owners claim their pups to be unplayful or uninterested in the toys they are given. Many dogs are very playful but may not be engaging with the right toys. It’s important to find a toy that spikes your pups interest in order to fulfil their happiness and motivation. 

Also, while searching for a toy it’s important to find one that peaks your pups interest and keeps them entertained for longer periods of time. Many dogs find normal rubber toys boring and with having only one way to play with them as well as only one function, it starts drawing  the excitement out of playtime. The more functions and benefits a toy has, the more excitement it brings to your pups playtime. These types of entertaining toys are what satisfies your pups happiness and motivational qualities. 

Interactive puzzle toy benefits:

  • Entertainment
  • Exercise 
  • Distract from mischief

Trying to find a toy that keeps your dog entertained and out of trouble? Interactive dog toys are the best for keeping your dog entertained because it gives your dog a friendly challenge that they will love. Not only do they keep mischievous pups out of trouble but interactive puzzle toys also help keep a pup healthy and fit. Most dogs need an average of 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise a day. That may be hard to achieve at times when you are busy with kids and work and daily life chores. An interactive puzzle toy can help keep your pup up and active for longer periods of time so they can meet that average daily exercise time needed and you don’t even have to be home. 

  • Helps prevent dementia in dogs

Interactive puzzle toys are a great way to advance your dogs intellectual development as well as keep them healthy and active. Just like humans, an aging dog’s brain needs more exercise to keep the brain healthy and to help prevent problems such as memory loss later down the road. Interactive puzzle toys can be a good way to  help prevent dementia in older dogs because it mentally stimulates their brain while keeping their brain active and problem solving for longer periods of time. I know my dog would rather play with a toy that plays back rather than a boring old rubber chew toy. 

Dog food dispensing toy benefits: 

  • Entertainment 
  • Can help a dog with a sensitive stomach
  • Normalize eating patterns 
  • Keep your pup out of mischief 

Dog food dispensing puzzle toys are  great for keeping dogs distracted and active. They can also be great for those pups with a sensitive stomach who eat their food too fast. A dog food dispensing toy will slow your pups eating down to manage the tummy curling side effects that some dogs may experience. While some dogs scarf down their food, some other dogs may need extra help to get their bellies hungry. A dog dispensing toy is great for not only keeping a dog busy but for also keeping food in those bellies who fight feeding time. The dogs keep their attention on the toy while also being rewarded by little kibble pieces for playing with it. Before you know it, whether your pup eats too fast or too slow, a dog food dispensing will help ensure your pups eating is right back on track. A dog food dispensing toys can also help your pup manage a healthy weight. For those fast eating pups out there, it allows them to get into a routine of a slower eating pattern. This allows their body to digest the food better and stop those late night stomach cramps. And for those slow eating pups out there, it allows them to play continuously while eating a little bit at a time through play rather than just staring at an unappetizing food bowl. A dog food dispenser toy is a great way to keep your pup happy and healthy. 

Here are the 3 different kinds of Wisedom Dog Treat Balls:

Main  Benefits of UFO design: 

  • Food dispensing 
  • Frisby design
  • Indoor/ outdoor play
  • Gentil for teeth
  • Keeps dog entertained and out of trouble
  • Great way to get exercise 


The UFO Wisedom Dog Treat Ball weighs  5.6 ounces and has a single 0.5 inch hole on the top that slowly dispenses the food or treats by the way your pup chooses to chew and play with it. It is made for softer chewers and is gentle on your pups teeth and gums because of its soft rubber outside. The rubber material makes this ball easy to clean for continuous fun and playtime. This toy is perfect for small, medium and large sized dogs but not for an aggressive chewer. And with its outer ring design, this toy also makes for a great throwable frisby that is awesome for outdoor play with your pup. This is a great way for you and your pup to combine bonding time with play and exercise. 

Benefits of Three Holes design: 

  • Keeps the brain problem solving 
  • Treat Dispensing
  • 3 holes for more treats
  • Keeps dog entertained
  • Gentil on teeth 
  • Cleans teeth/freshens breath
  • Indoor play

Three Holes:

The Wisedom three hole treat ball is designed for small and medium sized dogs and not for aggressive chewers. The ball is made with three 0.59 inch holes that allow more treat flow but also requires more brain power. Problem solving is healthy for a pups brain, especially to keep their brains functionally working as they age. The ball has three legs and each one has a dispensing hole at the end. This allows for more chances for the treats to dispense but only by maneuvering the ball in different ways. The Wisedom three hole ball is also made from a soft rubber that is gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums. This ball also has ridges and little bristles along its surface that removes plaque and tartars in those hard to reach places in your pups mouth. The wisedom three hole ball not only keeps your pup healthy and active, but it also provides dental health for your pup as well, keeping your pups breath fresh and clean. 

Main Benefits of Flying Ball design : 

  • Best of both worlds
  • Throwing ball shape
  • Tough rubber
  • Treat dispensing
  • Cleans teeth/tongue
  • Keeps pup entertained 

Flying Ball:

 The Wisedom Flying ball weighs 5.9 ounces and is made for all dogs and is a combination of the UFO and Three hole design. This ball is much like the UFO ball in the way that it is designed for both indoor and outdoor play. While it has less of a frisby type design, its round shape makes for a great throwing ball. It is great for going out and getting some exercise and quality bonding time. The Flying ball is made of extra tough rubber that is bite resistant and is great for those pups who like to chew. However, this ball is not for very aggressive chewers. It has a secret compartment in the middle of the ball where the dog food or treats are places that’s easy to access. The Wisedom Flying ball is also similar to the three hole design in the way that it is great for doggies teeth. The small ridges along the balls surface makes for a great teeth and tongue scrubbing tool that is not only entertaining for their minds but healthy for their mouth as well.  

Why is Exercise for your dog important ?

Dogs need to maintain a regular exercise routine in order to remain in good shape, just like humans do. Any type of exercise is better than no exercise, which means throwing the ball or giving them an interactive puzzle toy while you’re gone can make all the difference in your pup. A dog that gets regular exercise is happier, healthier and a much more enjoyable companion to have around. A lifestyle lacking regular mental and physical stimulation can cause a variety of issues for your furry friend, including:


While you may think a fat little chihuahua is precious, that poor pup is actually suffering. Excess fat can cause mobility issues in dogs, making just everyday walking around a challenge. Giving your dog proper exercise once they are already obese is much harder due to the fact that they will likely have trouble walking and running. The additional weight on the dog can also cause stress on the dog’s joints, knees and feet, along with countless other health consequences. A fat dog is a sad dog and no pet owner wants a sad pup. 


Just like humans, Dogs can develop diabetes too. Dogs can develop type 2 diabetes if they don’t stay active enough. Lack of exercise combined with a poor diet is the major cause of diabetes in dogs. With the help of an interactive puzzle toy, your pup could get the exercise they need while you are gone. 

Heart Disease:

Commonly stemming from obesity, heart disease is a killer in dogs too. When too much fat clogs a dog’s arteries, they can develop heart disease and experience a heart attack. Exercise is very important to avoid fat related diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. 


A dog who doesn’t get regular exercise can become anxious and stressed. With pent up energy, dogs can end up chewing up furniture, urinating in the house, pacing, crying and more. An interactive puzzle toy may just be the thing your pup needs to keep themselves distracted while home alone. Giving your anxious dog a toy that can keep their focus will improve their happiness and keep them calm while alone instead of stressed and destructive.  

Behavioral Issues:

Along with anxiety, pent-up energy can cause aggression and hyperactivity in dogs. Dogs who have too much excess energy can be both dangerous and destructive. If you’re trying to train your dog, your efforts will be in vain if your dog has this pent-up energy and aggression. Your dog needs a productive outlet to release it, otherwise they’ll never want to behave! Giving your dog a toy that holds their attention can help keep behavioral issues to a minimum. An Interactive puzzle toy creates a sense of motivation and desire to play and problem solve that will distract them from causing mischief. 

As you can see, exercise is no joke. It’s imperative that you give your pet regular exercise in order to keep them as healthy and happy as possible. If you do keep your dog well-exercised, they will thank you! Without daily exercise, your pup will start to lose the excitement and joy they would normally have when playing. Lack of exercise will lead to depression, fatigue and any of the issues mentioned above. Whether it is throwing the ball when you get home or giving your pup an interactive puzzle toy that will keep them active and entertained while you are gone, any way you can keep your pup active will improve their happiness and keep them healthy. 

Why is Wisedom treat ball right for my dog ?

The Wisedom Dog Treat Ball is the best treat toy for keeping your pup entertained and happy for the times you aren’t by their side. This ball can be your pups friend while they are home alone so their attention stays on the toy and not on anything else that could eventually lead to mischief. The Wisedom treat ball is a great way to keep your dog out of trouble while they keep their bodies and brains active. The treat ball keeps your pups brain stimulated and constantly thinking while also being rewarded by the treats that dispense. This teaches your dog that it is rewarding to play with the treat ball which then ups their motivation to play with the treat ball to keep achieving that reward. The Wisedom Dog Treat Ball come in three different unique designs such as the UFO treat ball, the three hole treat ball and the flying treat ball. Each ball can help your special pup grow and learn in different ways that keep them happy and healthy from their mind, body and even their mouth. The Wisedom treat balls are great toys to bring home for those furry pals waiting at home. These treat balls help train your pups mind and body by allowing them to have the power to gain their own reward. So come and get your pups next favorite toy and enjoy some quality bonding play time. Enjoy the results as your pup plays with you at home or alone on their own, either way your pup is entertained, happy and healthy.  Both you and your pup will feel the immediate joy and positivity that the Wisedom Dog Treat Ball will bring to your home.  

Wisedom Dog Company 

Wisedom is a small company that runs primarily through amazon. However just because they are a small company does not mean they should not  be overlooked in anyway. A benefit of a small company is that they are run mainly off customer service and satisfaction. A customer and their dogs happiness is the main concern for this small company.Unlike most big companies, Wisedom cares that each product come out as perfect as the one before instead of caring about a mass production. More effort is put in to make every customer and pup happy. They run a current 4 star rating on amazon and are  a responsive company. Any questions you have will be answered in a professional timely manner. So if you are looking for a down to earth customer service oriented dog company, than Wisedom is your company. 

Another product you may like: Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Stick 

Are you struggling with the handheld toothbrush trying to clean your doggies teeth? Well put down the toothbrush and turn that frown upside down because we found the solution! The Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Stick is made for pups 25-40 pounds and is recommended for doggie use only 3-5 minutes at a time and under pup owner supervision.  The Wisedom Toothbrush Stick is perfect for all of your pups oral needs. It’s much like a chew toy except your pups teeth, gums and tongue get clean in the process. The toothbrush stick is made from a non toxic rubber that is long lasting and safe for your pup to chew. The package includes one tube of pet dog toothpaste, one dog bone chew toy and a small cleaning brush stick. You squeeze the doggie safe toothpaste into the center of the toothbrush stick through the hole on the top. The rigid bristles along the outside of the brush gentilly scrub and massage away plaque and tartar from your pups teeth, while keeping their tongue and breath fresh and clean. The stick is also infused with the fresh scent of peppermint that you and your pup will love. The toothbrush stick is easy to clean and is also dishwasher safe. It is recommended that the toothbrush stick is washed before and after your pup chews on it. If you are looking for a chew toy that keeps your pup entertained, as well as clean your pups mouth than the Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Stick is the tool you’ve been looking for.