Dog Subscription Services work to save you time, money, and effort when it comes to purchasing supplies for your pooch. No more trips to the pet store trying to find new toys that your dog won’t destroy and no more testing out treats that may, or may not make them sick. Dogs are picky, and often it’s hard to find toys and treats that satisfy their needs. Even if you do find a great toy for them, you’ll soon have to return to the pet store to replace it. In today’s world, it’s not realistic to make time to not only run constant errands for yourself but to also find great toys and treats for your dog.

Not only do dog subscription boxes save you time, but they’re also designed to save you money.But how are they more affordable than retail stores?  For the same reason big box stores are; Woof Pack buys in bulk at discounted prices, then ship the toys directly to you in your Pack each month.  Not having a retail location means a low overhead, so they pass those savings onto you.  It also means the retail value of each Pack will always be more than you pay each month.  If you go through dog toys like we do, saving a few dollars a month really starts to add up! It’s a win, win!

how does woof pack work?


No one wants to purchase a $15 or even $20 dog toy just to have it fall apart in 10 minutes, right?  That’s why Woof Pack uses real dogs to test every toy, treat, and chew before they send products out to the public. So you can rest assured that when you order, your dog won’t be able to rip the toys to shreds, and the treats are safe for them too. Coming soon, we’ll publish our full review of Shop Woof Pack so you can get a first-hand look at what you’re really getting when you order from them before you cough up any money.

how does it work?

Ordering the perfect pack for your pup is easy with WoofPack. 

  1. Find the right size Pack for your pup. You can choose between packs for tiny dogs, average sized dogs, and large breeds. 
  2. Choose whether you want a treats and chews pack, or a treat, chews, and toys pack.
  3. Choose your subscription plan. You can order a 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month subscription. Each plan is cancel anytime. 


Many of you may be wondering how much it actually costs to provide all of these goodies for your pup. No matter what size your dog is, each pack is $24.99 a month. Woof Pack ensures that you will always receive products that have a retail value over $25, so you can be sure you’re always getting a great deal of great dog-tested products every month. 

what's included?

treats pack

With so many dog subscription services out there, it can be hard to figure out which one is not only right for your dog, but what service is going to be worth the money. With Woof Pack, you can choose between packs that contain toys, treats, and chews, or if you already have too many toys, you can purchase packs that contain only treats and chews. 

The toys, treats, and chews packs contain a full bag of treats and 1-3 other delicious edibles, they round out the pack with 2-3 fun toys that your pup is sure to love. From fun squeaky balls, to durable fabric chew toys that keep your pup’s teeth clean, to stuffless toys for fun without the mess. All those and many more toys are part of these packs. 

If you don’t need new toys every month, but are constantly running low on treats, you can check out their treats and chews packs. Each month you’ll receive a full bag of treats, and an additional 4-6 items. From samples sizes of other treats, to a few tough lasting chews, and even a one time reward or two for when you open your Pack. You’ll love these goodies and save time and money not having to stop at a local pet store too!

what sets woof pack apart?

One of the main reasons why Woof Pack is our favorite subscription service for dogs is because of the durability of the products. They dog test all of their toys, treats, and chews to ensure that everything that gets put into their packs is not only safe for your dog, but will last you. They want to save you trips to the pet store, and of course also save your from having to replace new toys every week. With Woof Pack you’ll always have new and interesting toys to treat your pup with, and rest assured that they won’t be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Woof Pack includes brands such as Kong, MultiPet, Chuckit! and more. 

kate with woof pack

Your dog will also love their treats. From one-time treats, to dog power bars, to long-lasting chews, your dog will get to try out some of the best treats on the market every month. Woof Pack knows your dog will love them, because they use picky dogs to test all of their treats. If their dogs won’t eat it, they won’t include it in their packs. They also never include raw hides in their packs; all of the treats are safe and delicious.. You can find treats from reputable brands such as Red Barn, Etta Says, and Ziggy’s in their packs. 

Woof pack
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