Among the abundance of interactive dog toys and slow feeders, the Wooly Snuffle Mat takes a combined approach. Although simple in design, the product is able to interweaver multiple benefits. To clarify, mealtime is a staple in your pup’s daily routine. With this in mind, the Wooly Snuffle Mat transforms a boring kibble dinner into a fun, interactive hide-and-seek.

It was love at first sight. Once we laid eyes on the Wooly Snuffle Mat, it became clear that this product’s innovation will be beneficial for each and every dog. First, it acts as a slow feeder. Second, it provides great interactive fun and mental stimulation. Third, it allows your dog to practice their natural instincts.

The Product: Wooly Snuffle Mat

In short, the Wooly Snuffle Mat is a canine feeding tool. At 12” x 18” in size, the mat has a rubber bottom that sports denim-like fabric on top. The fabric is sewn into the mat, mimicking a thick, high-rise plush rug. All components within the mat are non-toxic and sustainable, using both virgin and upcycled materials. Furthermore, the product is handmade by global company partners in Thailand and Ghana.

The company that produces the Wooly Snuffle Mat is called Paw5. Unfortunately, this mat only comes in one size and one color: gray. Some customers have expressed their wish for more sizing options. Yet, due to its design and function, the Wooly Snuffle Mat is safe and easy for all dogs to use. Whether your furbaby is a 20lbs Boston Terrier or 95lbs Bloodhound, they will be able to excitedly enjoy the product.

To use the Wooly Snuffle Mat, simply pour your pup’s kibble meal onto its surface. Next, spread out the kibble so that each nugget becomes hidden between the mat’s protruding strands of fabric. In essence, your dog will have to sniff out, forage, and nuzzle their way to yumminess! As a result, wet food and treats are not optimal.

With food and slobber making their way into its crevasses, easy cleaning is absolutely a must! Thankfully, the mat is safely machine washable. Without this benefit, we would not suggest the Wooly Snuffle Mat.

Benefits of the Wooly Snuffle Mat

We love this product because it incorporates multiple benefits. Unlike a traditional dog bowl, the mat’s design allows your pup to forage for their food. Not only does this harness their incredible sniffing powers, but it helps to slow down their eating habit! Instead of gobbling up a pile of kibble in under a minute, your dog will put more thought into mealtime.

The Wooly Snuffle Mat by Paw5 acts like a game of hide-and-seek. Interactive dog products like this help to stimulate minds and fight overall boredom. In the back of their minds, dogs have incredible instincts. Passed down from their ancestors, hunting and foraging skills have played a key role in their survival. The Wooly Snuffle Mat gives an owner the ability to feed their pup in a more natural way.

Suggestions for Product Use

Based upon customer feedback, there are some cool tips for usage. First, some smart pups may learn how to pick up or flip the mat to dump out food. Unfortunately, this trick will render the product useless. As of current, no remedy for the issue has been suggested by customers. If this occurs, you can happily know your pup is quite smart!

The Wooly Snuffle Mat is not designed as a chew toy. Although quite durable, we suggest picking up the mat after feeding time. This way, your gnawing pup can not come back for chomping!

Finally, customers suggest using larger bits of kibble or treats to hide within the mat. From their experience, smaller sizes can get hidden too deep. Therefore, dogs will be unable to find or reach them.

Paw5 offers a 100% money back guarantee with the Wooly Snuffle Mat. If you are unsatisfied with the product, the company is happy to help. You can expect some deterioration of the mat through repeated use and machine washing.  

Recommended Treat for Use

If you are not looking to dump your pup’s entire meal on the Wooly Snuffle Mat, consider using a healthy treat instead. We are obsessed with Fruitables, a bite sized natural dog treat that comes in a variety of flavor combinations. The size of this treat will be perfect for hiding in the Wooly Snuffle Mat!

Fruitables treats are made with natural real-food ingredients right here in the USA. Choose from crunchy flavors, soft baked flavors, skinny minis, and even Greek yogurt flavors! While each Fruitables snack is only 9 calories, their Skinny Minis are just 3 calories. This gives you the best opportunity to manage your pup’s weight during training or feeding.

About the Company: Paw5

Paw5 offers only two products: the Rock’n Bowl and the Wooly Snuffle Mat. In essence, they have focused all their energy of the innovation and functionality of these two great products. Through exploring their website, it becomes clear that the company strives for smart design and sustainability. Their four-fold goal includes:

  1. “Tread Lightly”: creating a small impact on the environment
  2. “Commit Fully”: embodying responsibility and integrity
  3. “Design Smart”: creating functional products backed by research
  4. “Give Actively”: donating time, products, and profits
Benefits of Slow Feeding

By and large, eating too quickly is both unhealthy and dangerous for your furry friend. It can cause choking, gagging, and vomiting. Even worse, fast eating can lead to Gastric Dilation (bloat). When gobbling up food at lightning speed, a dog is also inhaling air into their stomach. defines Gastric Dilation as, “The stomach expands because gasses build up to the point that it can twist within the dog’s abdomen, preventing the gasses from leaving the stomach.”

Gastric Dilation is deadly and requires immediate medical attention. It causes a dog’s circulation to be cut off to their organs. Ultimately, canines can die within hours. Although grim and unnerving, becoming aware of Gastric Dilation can help an owner prevent the emergency from happening. To learn more about the dangers of fast eating, view our The Dangers of Your Pup Eating Too Fast full-length article.

Benefits of Interactive Dog Products

Mentally stimulating your furbaby is just as important as providing physical exercise. Both physical exercise and mental stimulation keep a dog healthy, active, and engaged in their world. Without these key components in their daily routine, your pup may become increasingly bored. High energy dog breeds, like the Australian Cattle dog or Boston Terrier, require even more exercise and stimulation.

Many owners are keenly aware of the effects of doggie boredom. For the most part, bored dogs tend to exhibit bad behaviors. This can include digging holes, excessive barking, aggressive chewing, excessive paw licking, home destruction, and more.

Interactive dog toys and feeders are a great way to spoil your pooch out of boredom! Balls and frisbees are interactive toys that require a human component. But, there exist other options for alone play. To view some great interactive dog toys for smart pup, check out our full-length article on The Best Toys to Practice Fido’s Wits.

Harnessing Natural Instincts

Canines were the first species to be domesticated. That is, to be tamed by humans for cohabitation. In fact, the closest relative to the domestic canine is the gray wolf. It is perceived that this domestication occurred during the time of hunter-gatherers.

Today, the modern domestic canine heavily relies on humans for feeding. Yet, their biological advantages and instinctual knowledge remains intact. In specific, a dog’s nose is astoundingly more powerful than a human. David C. Dorman, professor of toxicology at North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine says, “‘Evolutionarily, a dog’s sense of smell helps them find a mate, offspring, food, and avoid predators.’” No wonder your pup is always sniffing about!

The Wooly Snuffle Mat, and other dog products, are specifically designed to harness your dog’s sense of smell and natural foraging instincts. Instead of relying heavily on a human, you can allow your pup to feed in a more natural manner.


Dog products are becoming increasingly innovative and we love it! In particular, the Wooly Snuffle Mat by Paw5 is simple in design. Yet, it provides multiple benefits to your pup!

In summary, this handmade mat uses virgin and upcycled materials. An owner can use it as a slow feeder by dumping an entire kibble meal and then hiding it amongst the fabric. Or, you can simply use healthy treats as an engaging game of hide-and-seek. By sniffing, seeking, and foraging, a dog practices their best instinctual intelligence. This keeps them mentally stimulated and out of trouble!

We had a wonderful time researching the Wooly Snuffle Mat and digging up great tips for you. At the end of the day, it’s all about that life-long bond between you and your dog. Stay safe, happy, and healthy!