You and your dog’s daily routine has been set in stone. They know the exact time your alarm clock goes off, when food is coming, and when playtime is just around the corner. You, on the other hand, do everything in your power to make it home in time for their dinner. Furthermore, you know never to skip the evening walk for fear of their sad eyes and mad glare. This routine is important, for it sets up a perfect day for your happy and healthy hound. The Zaihe Pet Tepee Dog Bed is a cute and classy addition!

Yes, a dog bed is an important component to your furbaby’s daily routine. After the yummy meals and exciting play, a bed provides the comfy spot for a pup to rest their paws. Not to mention, the bed is a space of their very own. While many classic, functional dog beds are a great go-to answer, you may have the desire to provide something truly unique. Our love for modern dog products led us to the Zaihe Pet Tepee Dog Bed.

The Product: The Zaihe Pet Tepee Dog (and cat) Bed

White Cotton Color

The Zaihe Pet Tepee Dog Bed embodies a classic, chic design in its white color. The natural cotton canvas is both nonflammable and mildew resistant. Furthermore, the material is easy to remove and pop into the washing machine. The package comes with this cotton canvas, plus pine wooden poles, a cotton cushion bed, and a small blackboard for your pup’s name. “All materials are Odorless and Environmental,” states the manufacturer.

As the name suggests, this dog bed has a unique tepee design that mimics early Native American construction. Using its pine wooden poles, constructing the product is not only easy, but sturdy. Furthermore, the design allows for portability and storage!

With all white canvas, white cushion bed, and white finished frame, the Zaihe Pet Tepee dog bed will undoubtedly match any household décor. A lace-style doorway adds further chic aesthetic. Additionally, you are able to secure the lace-style fabric with included black tie-backs. Essentially, keeping the entry way open for your furbaby to come and go without any fuss.

Unfortunately, due to the sizing options, we do not recommend this dog bed for larger breeds over 45lbs. The manufacturer provides three size options:

  1. 24” tall and 20” diameter, for dogs up to 15 lbs.
  2. 28” tall and 24” diameter, for dogs up to 30lbs.
  3. 35” tall and 28” diameter, for dogs under 45lbs.

Customers have given further insight into the product’s details. First, both the tepee and the dog bed cushion have waterproof bottoms. Second, the cushion is the exact shape of the tepee’s bottom. In essence, this helps the tepee maintain its shape and sturdiness. Unfortunately, the dog bed cushion does not have a removable cover for washing. Instead, you must pop the whole thing into the machine to clean.

We recommend the Zaihe Pet Tepee Dog (and cat) Bed in white for smaller breeds with a taste for clean and classy design. It will provide the perfect calm space for your furbaby. Pop a couple of their favorite toys inside and they might never leave!

Please click the Amazon link below to view this pet tepee by Zaihe.

Star Pattern

The Zaihe Pet Tepee Dog Bed also comes in a funky star pattern. It sports all the same great features as the classic white version. This includes a natural cotton canvas tent, pine wooden poles, a dog bed cotton cushion, and small blackboard to write a cute note. In contrast, both the cotton canvas and cushion are white with modern blue stars. Furthermore, the poles are blue with white stars. We can assure you that this star pattern stills emits a modern flare!

Pups and owners who love a unique style will find a great fit in the Zaihe Pet Tepee Dog Bed with star pattern. The manufacturer has managed to create a lively pattern, while keeping a classic charm. By and large, customers find it absolutely adorable!

Unlike the white color option, the star pattern tepee offers two sizes:

  1. 24” tall and 20” diameter, for dogs up to 15lbs.
  2. 35” tall and 28” diameter, for dogs under 45lbs.

Please click the Amazon link below to view this tent by Zaihe.

Product Pricing

You can expect the same pricing on the Zaihe Pet Tepee Dog Bed in white color and star pattern. Yet, the price does go up with the size. While a small size is under $50, the larger size is at a premium price. In short, this dog bed is for those truly wishing to spoil their pooch.

24” tall and 20” diameter, for dogs up to 15 lbs.: $$

28” tall and 24” diameter, for dogs up to 30lbs.: $$

35” tall and 28” diameter, for dogs under 45lbs.: $$$

Other Option: The Little Dove Pet Tepee

The Little Dove Pet Tepee runs around the same price scale as our recommended Zaihe product above. Furthermore, the Little Dove Pet Tepee also includes a cotton canvas tent, pines wooden poles, dog mat, and assembly instructions. In contrast, this pet tepee option comes in a wide variety of colors and prints. In essence, you can truly tailor your pup’s tepee to their personality!

Little Dove carries their tepee in two size options:

  1. 24” tall and 20” diameter, for dogs up to 15lbs.
  2. 28” tall and 33.8” diameter, for dogs over 15lbs. but probably not large breeds

In a see of color options, we have plucked out our favorites to share with you. First, a tepee sporting strips of classic midwestern colors gives a true desert aesthetic.

Second, a blue and white zig-zag stripe pattern for creative modern flare.

Third, the Amazon choice Little Dove Pet Tepee will give you a range of styles. They include green leave, grey one, yellow stripe, and yellow with mat.

Benefits of a Dog Bed and Providing a Space

Allowing your furbaby to have their own space in the home is like giving a child a bedroom. In short, the space will become an area they can retreat to for calmness and recharging. An essential component of this space includes a dog bed.

Ceasars Way notes four main reasons why a dog bed is essential: cushion, insulation, hair control, and personal space. First, the bed’s cushion is nice for resting joints and bones. This becomes required as your pooch ages into seniority. Second, the bed will act as a protestive layer from the hot or cold ground. Third, your dog’s space gives one, particular spot for Fido to lay. In other words, their shedding coat and slobbery drool is concentrated to one area for you to clean! Thank goodness! Finally, their personal space gives a feeling of value within the family home. Safe, calm, relaxed; all good qualities that your furbaby will link to their personal spot.

When foraging through our research, we were intrigued by the notion of personal space for puppy training. Dr. Lisa Radosta, with an affiliation to petMD, points out that doggie space is a key component in training against separation or confinement anxiety. In particular, teaching puppies that being away for their owner is okay.

Dr. Radosta suggests to, once daily, confine your furbaby to their own space for a couple of minutes. Make sure to give them food and a toy during confinement. Furthermore, resist the urge to check on them! Try to ignore any barking. Dr. Radosta adds, “If she barks for more than ten minutes and you have left her with something incredible to chew on, she may have ‘Confinement Anxiety.’”


We love the Zaihe Pet Tepee Dog Bed for its modern design and natural, classy style. Whether you choose this particular dog bed or another, it is clearly essential to provide one. Just as food and play is necessary for your pup’s health, so is a dog bed! This includes joint rest, a barrier from cold floors, a soothing personal space, plus much more.

Furthermore, we were surprised to know how a dog’s personal space plays a role in separation or confinement anxieties! Dr. Lisa Radosta shared her incredible insight on practical steps an owner can take to prevent such anxiety.

By and large, we research, write, and provide product suggestions to help you traverse the doggie world. You and your pup’s health and happiness are our number one! For more information on dog beds, check out our article: Find the Best Dog Bed for Fido.