It is easy to feel bad when you are eating all of your favorite foods and your Fido can not join in on the fun. You may even find yourself wanting to sneak them a bite or two even if it would upset their stomach. Even meal time does not seem as fun when your furbaby can not be included.

Thankfully, to help bring everyone together ZippyPaws came out with their NomNomz Plush Squeaker Dog Toys. From tacos to sushi plushies your pup will be able to join in on taco Tuesday or even sushi night with the girls. Now everyone will be able to chow down and you may even get an adorable Instagram picture in the process!

You know your Instagram followers will love this plushie but unsure if it is right for you and your Fido? No worries! To make the decision easier for you we did the research and compiled all the information down below. Not only that but we have added links to easily buy these plushies on Amazon once you make your decision!


It all started with one golden retriever. Now ZippyPaws reaches pups all over the nation with their toys. The energetic and silly founder pup was named JJ and he belonged to the companies co-founder Jen Cao. With his personality as inspiration, Jen looked to take on the pet product business.

To start, Jen used her experience as a business student, her design skills, and her families 20 years in manufacturing to create ZippyPaws in 2011. As Jen and her team took on this market they wanted to make every product with the modern dog and owner in mind.

To help them complete this mission they make sure each toy is unique by having all of their characters be hand drawn. Then to make these toys durable and safe they use high-grade material from their stitching to their squeakers.

Not only does this company take time to meet their mission they also take time to help dogs and people in the surrounding area. To do this they gift products to shelters and organizations in Los Angeles. However, their reach does not stop there they also donate a dollar from each purchase of a special toy to organizations that help people across the nation.


One of the main reason why pups love certain toys is because of the squeakers they have inside. However, ZippyPaws toys are unique because they include special squeakers made by their own ZippyPaws’ Squeaker Engineer. They did not get the logo, “a squeakin’ good time” for poor squeaks!

In particular, the Jiggler Squeaker is a special squeaker they include.. This one is perfect for the pups that like to get more rough with their toys because it squeaks when it is shaken. In turn, this will add a new and exciting aspect to playtime keeping them on their paws.

Another special squeaker that they have in their toys in the crescent squeaker. What makes this one unique is its half moon shape. Having this uncommon shape allows them to create some toys with all the squeak and none of the stuff, stuffing that is.


While working to complete the mission the ZippyPaws staff created the NomNomz Plus Squeaker Dog Toy line. Each one of these plushies is a parody of our favorite food made for your Fido to enjoy. To make it even more cute and Fido friendly they added an adorable smiley face on each toy.


 Just like people your pup may have a favorite meal or snack. Thankfully, to make sure that everyone gets what they like Amazon has nine different food plushies for you to choose from. With so many options everyone is included, no matter their dietary restrictions! Your options will include:

  1. Fruits: watermelon (6.7 x 2.8 x 5.9″), pineapple (6.7 x 2.8 x 5.9″)
  2. Meals: Chinese takeout (5 x 5 x 4.5″), croissant (6.7 x 2.8 x 5.9″), french fry (6.7 x 2.8 x 5.9″), steak (6.7 x 2.8 x 5.9″), sushi (6.7 x 2.8 x 5.9″), taco (6.7 x 2.8 x 5.9″)
  3. Sweets: ice cream (6.7 x 2.8 x 5.9″)
Great Details

A truly great dog toy is easy to clean. To clean the ZippyPaws NomNomz Plush Squeaker Dog Toy, all you have to do is throw it into the washing machine with coldwater. Although, when it comes to drying you should stay away from the dryer and let it air dry instead.

With your pup playing and carrying these toys around you may be worried about how it can affect their teeth. Do not worry! To make sure that their teeth, and even their gums, are protected each toy is filled with stuffing. The squishy and soft texture is gentle on their mouth no matter how long playtime last.

If playtime with your pup includes a game of fetch; this toy will be perfect! Since it is filled with stuffing, it is light enough for them to carry it back and forth with ease. Not only that, but since it is on the small size, there will be no issues with catching it and holding it in their mouth.

Furthermore, each toy has two round squeakers that are high-grade which means that their will be more sound per squeak. In turn, this will allow them to squeak their hearts out all day long.


These toys may fit everyone’s taste when it comes to food but unfortunately it’s design is not for every Fido. Since it is lightweight and on the smaller side it is just right for small and medium dogs. However, large dogs are not left out because they may still love it if they are not a fan of large toys.

Since the toys are so soft they would be perfect for pups that love to snuggle. All of the stuffing inside would make it the perfect pillow for a nap or good night sleep. Also, since they are gentle on their mouths this plushie would be perfect for senior pups who still like to play now and again.

Unfortunately, since the toys are so soft and made with stuffing determined pups are able to rip them open to get to the stuffing. Sadly, this means that we cannot recommend it for pups that are rough with their toys. Although, if your pup is more gentle during playtime or just enjoys to carry them around then these plushies are perfect.

If during shredding your pup likes to chew or even swallow parts of toys then the sushi plus may not be for them. This is because the seaweed wrap comes off easily which could become dangerous if they try to eat it. However, since it does come off to prevent this from happening all you would have to do is remove the wrap yourself before playtime.

One thing that we do definitely recommend these plushies for is a photo shoot. Nothing is more adorable and hilarious than your pup carrying around a taco or a pineapple. All of your Instagram followers will love it and want to know where you got it!


If you find that the NomNomz Plus Squeaker Dog Toy design is not right for your Fido but you still would like a food parody toy you are in luck. The ZippyPaws company also has the Donutz collection which may be full of only one treat but the toys are still so sweet!

To make sure that you find your favorite flavor they come in seven different frosting and sprinkle colors. The size of everyone’s sweet tooth is not the same so to make sure that everyone is satisfied the toys come in mini, original, and jumbo sizes.

Inside of the mini and the original donuts you get two crescent speakers and no stuffing. This means that your pup can squeak all day without you worrying about a possible mess. Sorry no jelly filling here!

For the mini and original size the company suggests that it would be best for small and medium dogs. However, if you have a larger dog that also has a sweet tooth then the jumbo is right for them.

Inside of the jumbo you will get two blaster squeakers to let them blast the noise. The main difference between this size and the others is that it is filled with stuffing. However, with an added tough exterior the stuffing will stay stuffed!