zogoflex air

It’s a gorgeous day outside. The clouds begin to part and the sun sneaks through in golden glory. Your pup can practically sense the superb weather; bouncing around and following you from room to room. Not to mention, they are dropping the usual eager hints that it’s time for play! The company of West Paw is all too familiar with this exact scenario. By creating a new line of dog toys called Zogoflex Air, they hope to satisfy you and your pup’s energetic needs.

We became intrigued with the Zogoflex Air products due to their squishy texture and durability guarantee. We wanted to investigate how such technology works and if the product truly lives up to the company’s trust in toughness. After much digging, we bring to you our honest review and recommendations.

What is Zogoflex Air?

Zogoflex Air is a small line of interactive dog toys that Westpaw incorporated into their existing Zogoflex products. Essentially, Zogoflex Air uses the same material, but is infused with air. Westpaw accomplished this by injecting the product with an all-natural foam. While each toy has a tough outer shell, the interior sports air pockets. In conclusion, Zogoflex Air products have a squishy texture that both you and your dog will love!

In contrast to normal Zogoflex products, the Zogoflex Air is designed for moderate chewers. Its squishy feel is absolutely great for fetching and water play but does not hold up well as a chew toy. Westpaw notes, “…due to their foam interior, they are not as durable as many of our classic Zogoflex toys.” Instead, choose this interactive dog toy to entertain a high-energy pooch, not an aggressive chewer.

There are many reasons why we love this product. First, Westpaw is incredibly considerate of the environment. Each toy is 100% recyclable and free from latex, BPA, and phthalate. Second, Westpaw is considerate of our country. All their toys are guaranteed USA made! Third, the company is well aware of both you and your pup’s needs. Its light and squishy design floats in water; great news for all-terrain dogs. When the Zogoflex Air gets icky on those adventures, simply pop it in the dishwasher!

By and large, this small line of interactive dog toys proves useful for outdoor fun. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, Westpaw allows a one-time free replacement or refund. We recommend giving it a shot to see what your pup thinks!

The Product Line

Westpaw Zogoflex Air: Boz

Westpaw cleverly named the first product Boz. Coincidentally, it is manufactured in Bozeman, Montana! This squishy ball comes in two different sizes. The small size measures 2.5” while the large size measures 4”. Both will cost you under $20 but expect to have a different rate depending on which size you purchase. We love the creative, modern colors the company offers. You will be able to choose from “current” (purple), “dandelion” (yellow), and “peacock” (blue).

As mentioned above, the Westpaw Zogoflex Air Boz is dishwasher safe, recyclable, and even floats in water. One customer noted that most grime can simply be wiped off! Because of the squishy interior, your pup will love how it feels against their gums and teeth. Unlike some hard dog toy balls, the Boz’s texture enables the product to better fit in Fido’s mouth. Furthermore, the small sized option fits perfectly in a Chuckit! Launcher.

Out of all three toys in the line, we consider the Boz to have received the best reviews. Moreover, the company even claims that this ball’s special design makes it “more durable than a tennis ball.” Westpaw has given it a 4 out of 5 on their “durability scale.” One customer commented the product has lasted for several months without any damage. However, others note that your pup will eventually destroy it.

Pup’s who adore the game of fetch will benefit most from Boz. It will make an excellent outdoor interactive dog toy for you and your furbaby. Take it on all your adventures or simply break it out for backyard play! Keep in mind that, while more durable, the Boz is not indestructible.

Westpaw Zogoflex Air: Wox

The Westpaw Zogoflex Air Wox has a funny shape that will either entice or deter your furbaby. While some customers note that their pup didn’t take to the design, others find it unique. Its 3-prong shape allows a dog to easily grab on. You can use it for fetch or watch as Fido shakes the heck out of it in solo play!

Measuring 7.5”, the Wox only comes in one size. Like all Zogoflex Air products, you can happily know that is it dishwasher safe, recyclable, and USA made. Earning a 3 out of 5 on Westpaw’s “durability scale,” a heavy chewing pup will be able to destroy it. We recommend the Wox for light to medium chewers, but heavy players!

The unique prong shape allows this product to bounce erratically when tossed. We love how this will excite Fido and attract a great, new game of fetch! Similarly, your will be able to choose from the same modern colors: currant, dandelion, and peacock.

Westpaw Zogoflex Air: Dash

Like the name suggest, the Westpaw Zogoflex Air Dash is sure to make your pooch run! This 8” flying disc features a flat rim and hollow center. Unlike hard plastic discs, the squishy Dash is softer on your pup’s mouth and teeth. Furthermore, if your dog is fetching in water, the material allows Fido to fully close their mouth. This proves essential so that your furbaby doesn’t swallow any nasty water!

Customers conclude that the Dash is easy for their pups to pick up and hold. This is due, in part, to the hollow center design. Additionally, the disc can be rolled on the ground for a fun new game. Its wavy edges produce a wobble effect that entice dogs to chase! On the other hand, customers note that this feature also proves troublesome when tossing in the air. Therefore, expect mixed results as it sores.

Once again, Westpaw manufactures Dash to be dishwasher safe, recyclable, and USA made. Currant, dandelion, and peacock are the same three cool colors you can choose from. Like the Wox, Westpaw Zogoflex Air Dash received a 3 out of 5 on the company’s “durability scale.” In conclusion, we recommend this particular product to playing pups and not heavy chewers.

Play for High Energy Pups

Ultimately, the Zogoflex Air product line by West Paw is specifically designed for dog owners and their high energy pups. It is a well-known fact that excess energy or boredom within canines can lead to unwanted destructive behaviors. This includes backyard digging, paw licking, excessive barking, wrongful chewing, and more. We constantly come across new dog toys that are durable and interactive; all with the purpose of satisfying Fido’s behavioral needs.

From puppies to elder furbabies, each dog is unique in their wants and needs for play. By doing a bit of research on the age and breed of your pup, an owner will become familiar with essential knowledge. According to Vetstreet, top high-energy dog breeds include: Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog), Boston Terrier, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, and the Jack Russell Terrier. Multiple sources confirm similar results. To see if your furbaby is a high-energy breed, check out Purina.com!

Extra Tidbit: Fun Backyard Energy-Filled Games

Sometimes you don’t need expensive toys and gadgets to help wear out your high-energy pup. By getting a little creative and roaming through your house, an owner can easily find the tools to success!

Jumping Skills. Consider teaching your pup the art of jumping. Find two same-sized buckets and a broom or piece of PVC. Place the two buckets upside-down on the ground at a distance apart. Put the rod-like object across the top of the buckets and voila! You now have a jumping hurdle! Next, use treats to entice your furry friend over the hurdle. Pretty soon you can make a whole obstacle course!

Fetching 2.0. There exists a fun way of giving a new twist to the simple game of fetch. Gently hold back your pup as you throw the ball. Wait ten seconds and release. Your excited furbaby will dash through your arms like a racehorse right out of the gate!


Beautiful days warrant great interactive outside play with your loyal pup. The Zogoflex Air line of dog toys, by Westpaw, offer a functional and exciting possibility for energetic pups. With a durable exterior and squishy interior, these all-terrain toys allow Fido to run, catch, and play.

We covered the Boz, Wox, and Dash products to pass on our research. In conclusion, the Boz has received the best reviews and will be a reliable purchase. For exciting and new amusement, consider the Wox and Dash. Their unique features will entice your pup!

After all that lovely outdoor fun, Fido can finally step inside to a relaxing evening. Sleeping soundly through the night, both you and your dog are peaceful and miles away in dreamland. Tomorrow begins a whole new adventure.