When training your dog, it is important to reward them for good behavior. Training aids like treats are the perfect way to teach your dog commands. By providing positive rewards, it will encourage your pup to repeat good behaviors. The question is, “What kind of treats are appropriate to use in training?” Many dog treats are large and full of calories, which won’t be suitable when you need to reward your pup multiple times. Fortunately, the Zuke’s Mini Naturals are the perfect size for training and full of delicious, healthy ingredients.

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about zuke's

Zuke’s, a healthful brand of natural dog products, was founded in 1995 with the goal of simplicity and nutrition. After Patrick (the founder) gave his dog an energy bar made for humans and saw how it revitalized his pet, it sparked the idea for Zuke’s. He decided to explore the possibilities of making his own high protein, high nutrition snacks for dogs. Today, Zuke’s has over 15 varieties of healthful dog treats. Their products are made in the USA and include natural, whole food ingredients. In addition, Zuke’s products are free of corn, wheat and soy. We’ve come to love this brand, and think you will too.

zuke's mini naturals

Main Benefits
  • Perfect size for training
  • Fewer than 3 calories per treat
  • Packed with healthy ingredients
  • Can be used in treat toys

Zuke’s Mini Naturals are tiny in size, yet packed with flavor. Essentially, they are designed to help your train your pooch. Each time your dog correctly performs a behavior or responds to a command, you can reward them with a delicious mini treat. At fewer than 3 calories a piece, the treats allow for many to be given during each training session. Since they are low in calories, they won’t give your pup a bellyache or cause them to gain weight. The treats come in a variety of flavors: chicken, duck, peanut butter, pork, rabbit, salmon, and peanut butter & oats. Protein rich meat is used in the treats, as well as other high-nutrition ingredients such as turmeric and vitamin C. Specific ingredients vary by flavor, but you can be sure that Zuke’s contains only the best for your furry friend.


Packed With Healthy Ingredients

Zuke’s Mini Naturals contain whole foods to keep your dog healthy. Some of the key ingredients in Zuke’s products include:

Ground rice: Easy to digest and full of nutrients, rice is another key ingredient in these treats. In addition, rice is a good source of minerals, such as iron, niacin, phosphorus and calcium.

Barley: This high-fiber grain helps support the dog digestive tract. While barley is a carbohydrate and should not be the main ingredient in your dog’s food, it is a low cholesterol ingredient safe for dogs. Zuke’s knows this is and uses barley sparingly in their products.

healthy dog

Turmeric: A great source of iron and vitamin B6, turmeric is a wonderful addition to any dog’s diet. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help with pain, commonly caused by arthritis in older dogs. It also helps with a range of diseases such as irritable bowel disease and even cancer, according to some reports.

Sunflower oil: Low in saturated fat, this non-GMO oil can do wonders for your pup’s skin and coat. Additionally, sunflower oil is used to promote paw health. Energetic dogs that are on their feet a lot may experience paw pain and dryness. Sunflower oil can help soothe and revitalize the skin on dog paws.

Cherries: Rich in Vitamin C and A, cherries have plenty of health benefits for dogs. Vitamin C is ideal for boosting the immune system, while Vitamin A is needed for maintaining your dog’s overall health.

Keep in mind – ingredients vary depending on the flavor you purchase

Made Without Harmful Ingredients

What sets these treats apart from a lot of the dog treats on the market is their healthful, whole food ingredients. Zuke’s prides itself in making products free of artificial additives and harmful chemicals.Their treats are also corn, wheat and soy free, making them perfect for dogs on strict diets. Many popular treat brands such as Milkbone, Snausage and Pupperoni contain BHA, a carcinogenic preservative.

Dog treats also commonly include artificial colors and flavors which contain chemicals that lead to dog behavioral problems and hyperactivity. Most big brands are also highly processed, which leads to obesity, diabetes, arthritis and cancer in dogs.

Even corn, wheat and soy, though seemingly harmless, are also a threat to your dog’s health. Wheat is the most common allergen for dogs, and all three of these ingredients are very hard for your pup to digest. Luckily, Zuke’s treats do not contain any of these harmful ingredients, so you can breathe easy feeding them to your four-legged friends! All sources of vitamins, flavor and protein in these treats are natural.

Made in the USA

A huge bonus for the Zuke’s Mini Naturals is that they are made in the USA. In the US, there is a lower chance that pet food is made with toxic ingredients compared to other countries. Although the standards are lower for pet food than for human food, it’s still safer to buy “made in the USA” products.

Perfect size for treat toys

Not only are these treats the perfect size for training, but they are also suitable for treat toys. If you’re interested in buying one of our favorites, head on over to our Outward Hound Treat Balls Review. Toys that can be filled with treats are tons of fun for dogs. They’re interactive, provide mental stimulation, and give your dog a reward for their hard work!

A Word of Caution

Because of the treats’ variety of natural flavors, some pet parents complain of a strong odor when their dog enjoys these snacks. If you find the smell a bit strong, we recommend feeding these treats to your pup outdoors! Also, be sure to reseal the zipper pouch each time you finish using the treats, as these tender morsels can easily dry out. A strong, natural smell is normal and should not raise concern with you.

Training a dog can be a fun and rewarding experience, but make sure you know when your pup has had enough. Being reluctance to perform commands, becoming easily distracted, and tensing up are all signs that it’s time for a break. Finally, always supervise your dog when feeding them treats to ensure they don’t choke. Keep these things in mind and you’re all set!

Zuke's mini naturals and training

Because of their small size, Zuke’s Mini Naturals can be used generously in training. Providing positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to solidify the commands you’ve asked of your dog. By giving your pet a tasty treat after they do something correctly, it will condition them to associate their behaviors with a positive reward. Tell your pooch to sit or stay, then toss them a few Mini Naturals for doing a good job!

You can either hide the treats and give them as a surprise reward or use them as a “lure” to get your dog to perform a behavior. Both of these methods can be successful, but different dogs thrive with different methods. Make sure to experiment and use the method that works best for you and your dog! These treats can also be fed one at a time, or even sprinkled on top of food as a simple flavor enhancer or pick-me-up.

who these treats are best for

While these treats are specifically made to be a training aid, they can be used in a variety of situations. Even if your pup isn’t being trained, they’re sure to enjoy the tasty morsels as a snack as well. Puppies will do great with Zuke’s Mini Naturals too! By using these treats, you can teach your fur baby the ins and outs of being a good dog. Plus, it’s better to start training your dog at a young age, so it will be great to use the treats for puppy training. Even if your dog likes to lounge on the couch and knows all the tricks in the book, it can’t hurt to treat them to Zuke’s Mini Naturals. With all of the benefits considered, just about any dog should enjoy these tasty treats.

Our Final Thoughts

Zuke’s Mini Naturals are the total package when it comes to effective dog treats. They’re full of healthy and natural ingredients so you can feel good about giving them to your pup. If you’re not actively training your dog, Zuke’s still make a great everyday treat! The wide variety of flavors can satisfy any taste and the resealable package provides convenience and easy accessibility. The treats come in 6oz or 16oz packages with the ability to buy in bulk if you’re a super fan like we are.